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CBC podcasts for your every pandemic mood

Whether you’re in need of a laugh or craving human interaction, we’ve got a podcast for you.

Give your tired eyes a break and discover a new podcast

Whether you’re in need of a laugh or craving human interaction, we’ve got a podcast for you. (Jean-Claude Taliana/CBC)

Here's the understatement of the year: 2020 has been tough.

In the last few months, we've experienced a global pandemic, a racial awakening, high unemployment rates, a declining climate, and the complete and utter flip of life as we know it.

If you're like the rest of us, this has caused a rollercoaster of emotions — all of which are valid. Whether you're craving human interaction or in need of a little levity, we've got a podcast recommendation for you.

Here's a curated list of CBC podcasts for your every pandemic mood.

Mood: "I might as well use this time to learn something new"

Seat at the Table

Join Martine St-Victor and Isabelle Racicot for season 2 of this podcast, which captures powerful, personal stories about the Black Lives Matter movement. Listeners hear from notable guests and activists such as Roxane Gay, George The Poet, and Robyn Maynard as they discuss different ways to maintain the urgency of this moment.


Most conspiracy theories are false, but this story is true. This podcast details the unbelievable story of the CIA's covert attempts at mind control in the 1950s and 60s — from the Cold War and MKULTRA to the so-called War on Terror. It features interviews from the survivors and their families as well as the lawyers and journalists who worked to uncover the truth. 

Recall: How to Start a Revolution

With the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, there has never been a better time to learn about the impact of a revolution. This series provides a historical deep dive into the events that framed Canada's October Crisis. Each episode reveals the stories of that time through immersive storytelling and the people who lived it: the bomb disposal expert on defusing live explosives, the survivors of terror, their families, and the radicals themselves.

Mood: "I need to laugh so I don't cry"

Pop Chat

Released earlier this year, Pop Chat is the pop culture fix you need to get through this strange time. Each week, host, Elamin Abdelmahmoud, and an expert panel of critics break down the cultural drama blowing up the internet. From award shows to the latest Carole Baskin stint on Dancing with The Stars, the panel will have you in stitches, and leave you wanting more.


Sickboy podcast is about three best friends — Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor — who are on a quest to demystify illness. Each episode, they interview people who are currently living with or have experienced typically taboo health conditions, and have open and frank discussions about how it affects their daily lives. While the show deals with serious subject matter, the three best friends use wit and banter to help us understand that sometimes the best way to deal with illness, disease, and life is simply to laugh.

Tony Ho

If your humour tends to lean towards the darker side, then this is the podcast for you. Award-winning sketch troupe Tony Ho takes listeners on a journey with each episode. Featuring bite-sized narrative sketches that explore the nature of human relationships and how careless we can be with each other; Tony Ho will leave you feeling refreshed and uneasy at the same time.

Mood: "I need all the information to remain calm"

The Dose

If the current climate has made you curious about your overall health, check out The Dose. Each week, Dr. Brian Goldman brings you the best science from top experts in plain language. He cuts through the BS and confusion to give you a dose of smart advice that you won't find anywhere else.

Party Lines: Party In The U.S.A.

Let's face it — whether or not you've been officially following the U.S. presidential race, you've been hearing about it. A Party Lines spinoff, Party In The U.S.A is the podcast you need to keep you in the loop but not in the weeds. Join Elamin Abdelmahmoud in conversation with industry experts to discuss the top headlines from the upcoming election. Episodes are released every Tuesday. 

Front Burner

If you're looking for bite-sized daily news coverage, then this is the podcast for you. Every weekday, Front Burner takes you deep into the stories shaping Canada and the world. This show is ideal for those who want to remain informed without feeling overwhelmed. 

Mood: "I am seriously craving human interaction" 

Other People's Problems

If you're feeling isolated, this podcast is for you. Other People's Problems is a show that brings listeners in behind the closed doors of a real life therapy session between Dr. Hillary McBride and her clients. Not only does it help inform your perspective, it's a chance to receive free therapy from a specialist.

Alone: A Love Story

With candour and humour, Michelle Parise delves into the deepest, darkest aspects of her divorce and her new life as a part-time parent, part-time partier. Episodes feature relatable stories, details of Michelle's romantic trysts, and moments of insight that will help you feel less alone.

Inappropriate Questions

This podcast breaks down the often well meaning, but mostly offensive questions humans ask, with guests who get asked them. Questions such as 'Have you had the surgery?' — which is often directed at transgender folks — or 'Have you lost weight?' or even 'Can I speak to your manager?'. Inappropriate Questions points to the dangers of the assumptions that come with these questions, while simultaneously reminding us of the earnestness of humanity.

Written by Glory Omotayo.

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