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8 new fiction podcasts you should listen to this fall

From Dreamboy to PlayME, these audio fiction series will have you captivated for hours.

Fiction podcasts are rewriting the rules when it comes to audio drama, reaching new levels of creativity in sound design and scripting. Whether you like sci-fi or romance, why tie yourself to the screen when you can put on a podcast and take a walk through the colourful fall leaves?

Here are eight new fiction podcasts you should binge this season: 

Dream Boy from Night Vale Presents 

Set over a few winter nights in Cleveland, Ohio, Dane is struggling to keep his job at the local zoo while trying to avoid spending all his time on Grindr. As Dane drifts from his dreams to reality, listeners are left unsure as to what is real and what is a figment of his imagination.

PlayME from CBC Podcasts

PlayME turns contemporary theatre plays into bingeable audio dramas. Their latest season kicks off with "Pairie Nurse," a comedy about two Filipino nurses who come to work in a small-town Saskatchewan hospital during the late 1960s. This podcast is your free ticket to dozens of shows by talented Canadian writers.

Bubble from Maximum Fun

Brush imps, doom squids and the gig economy come together in the city of Fairhaven — a corporate utopia that is sealed off and mostly protected from the strange creatures that lurk in the surrounding brush. This hilarious podcast follows a band of millennial monster hunters, as they struggle to make ends meet and find love in their bubble city.

Wolverine: The Long Night from Marvel and Stitcher 

Two agents head to Burns, Alaska after a string of grisly murders and are eventually put on the trail of a man named Logan. While investigating Logan, the agents uncover corruption in the small town and the investigation becomes murky. Season two is returning in 2019. 

The Horror of Dolores Roach from Gimlet 

After spending more than a decade in prison for weed possession, Dolores returns to her former neighbourhood in New York City to find everything has changed. Her boyfriend is missing, the area has gentrified and she has no money. Eventually an old friend lets Dolores live and work out of his basement, but she quickly is driven to extremes to survive. Dolores shares her story of love, betrayal and empanada​s from her hiding place. 

Adventures in New America from Night Vale Presents 

When IA Olivier finds out he has a terminal illness that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to cure, he turns to crime to solve his problem. After befriending a thief named Simon Carr, Olivier and Carr plot a series of high-stakes heists to make some quick cash to cover medical expenses. 

The Shadows from CBC Podcasts 

The Shadows follows a young artist named Kaitlin, as she struggles to make great work and find great love in the city of MontYuron. Kaitlin believes in the love depicted in Hollywood movies and that she will be one of the lucky ones to find it. When she falls for someone who challenges her romantic ideal, she is faced with an impossible choice — and a decision that can't be unmade.

Everything is Alive from Radiotopia

If walls could talk, do you ever wonder what they'd say? No need to wonder any longer. Everything is Alive is an interview podcast putting your day-to-day items in the hot seat. From a bar of soap named Tara to Louis, the can of cola, these interviews will touch on what life is like when you're an everyday object. 

You can listen to all of these great series wherever you get your podcasts. 

If you're looking for more, check out the playlists below to hear some of the best audio fiction out there:


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