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How to listen to podcasts on your iPhone

Our step-by-step video will show you how to download and listen to podcasts on your iPhone.

How to listen to podcasts on your Android phone

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How to listen to podcasts on Spotify

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Before #MeToo, Anita Majumdar called out the small town popular boy

PlayME host Chris Tolley sits down with playwright Anita Majumdar to talk about her one-woman, multi-voice play, The Fish Eyes Trilogy. They discuss consent, cultural relevance and coming of age as a South Asian teen in small town Canada.

Calling all Canadian teachers! Help us bring podcasts to the classroom

CBC is looking to develop classroom guides to help teachers use two of our podcasts in Canadian classrooms — but first we need your input! 

The Fish Eyes Trilogy tells the same story three ways

Set in the hormone-filled halls of a B.C. high school, The Fish Eyes Trilogy introduces us to Naznin, Candice and Meena. The play, which was written over a decade ago, in many ways foreshadows #MeToo era and more mainstream conversations about consent and cultural appropriation.

5 amazing black trailblazers you should know year round

The Secret Life of Canada tells the stories of five black change-makers with legacies worth celebrating.

6 podcast solutions for any Valentine's Day scenario

How's your heart this year? Whether it's full of joy or on the mend, we have a podcast recommendation for you.

CBC Podcasts is looking for producers, hosts and comedy pitches

We are looking for highly-skilled audio producers and creative storytellers to join our team.

Why we all feel guilt towards our parents, Kaitlin Prest to perform at On Air Fest

In this edition of the CBC Podcasts newsletter, try a family inheritance thought exercise from Other People's Problems.

Hannah Moscovitch on what women ought to know about life before birth control

PlayME host Laura Mullin sits down with playwright Hannah Moscovitch to talk about the unusually frank book of letters that inspired her play, and why stories about historical women are so vital today.

The Current investigates gun violence with One Bullet series, CBC launches new 'Listen' experience

In this edition of the CBC Podcasts newsletter, explore The Current's One Bullet series and take the new beta CBC Listen for a spin.

'What A Young Wife Ought To Know' is a gut-punch of a play

In a time before sex education and access to birth control, we meet a young working-class wife named Sophie as she grapples with a series of hard choices, mostly made in the dark.

How to play podcasts on your device, plus 5 ideas to make 2019 the best year ever

In this edition of the CBC Podcasts newsletter, learn how to download podcasts and discover Rolling Stone's best true crime podcasts of 2018.

Trends, surprises and must-hears of 2018

In this edition of the CBC Podcasts newsletter, industry experts dish their top picks of the year.

Trends, surprises and must-hears: 13 podcast experts weigh in on 2018

Top hosts, producers, podcasting critics tell us what most surprised them in 2018 and what trends do we look out for in 2019?

Love Me team shares their favourite podcasts of 2018

Host Lu Olkowski and producers Cristal Duhaime, Mira Burt-­Wintonick and Sarah Geis chime in and reveal some of the podcasts they loved most this year.

5 times the plot continued beyond the podcast in 2018

Podcast listeners love a good twist. But when it comes to true crime stories, the plot often thickens after the podcast formally ends.

CBC Podcasts now on Spotify

In this edition of the CBC Podcasts newsletter, discover how you can listen to CBC podcasts on Spotify and give the fun gift of podcasts.

CBC Podcasts launches on Spotify

Find shows like Someone Knows Something, Uncover and Front Burner on the popular app in the “Podcasts” category.

​If the shoe fits: What forensic detectives can learn from footprints

Someone Knows Something sat down with Toronto police detective Ed Adach to discuss how forensic footwear analysis can play a pivotal role in crime scene investigations.

Mistaken identity trope is 'real life' for many, says Prairie Nurse playwright

Marie Beath Badian based her hit play Prairie Nurseon her mother’s true story of immigration from the Philippines to the prairies in the 1960s. Here's why it's still relevant today.

Love Me celebrates third season at UnionDocs event

Host Lu Olkowski and producers Mira Burt-Wintonick and Cristal Duhaime will present a behind-the-scenes peek into the podcast at the Dec. 6 event.

Top creators go from studio to stage at Hot Docs Podcast Festival

What happens when you take a normally intimate medium and try to entertain a crowd? Freelance journalist Graham Isador attended dozens of back-to-back shows to find out.

8 new fiction podcasts you should listen to this fall

From Dreamboy to PlayME, these audio fiction series will have you captivated for hours.