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LISTEN | Brainwashed

A new investigative series from CBC Podcasts brings you into the true, twisted story of the CIA's attempts at mind control. Hosted by Michelle Shephard.

'Brainwashed' podcast reveals the shocking true story behind a prolific conspiracy theory

Brainwashed, a new series from CBC Podcasts, tells the true, unbelievable story of the CIA's attempt at mind control.

Meet the Pop Chat panel: Culture critics from around the Twitterverse

A diverse rotating panel of culture critics sets apart Pop Chat, CBC Podcasts new pop culture show hosted by Elamin Abdelmahmoud.

How Mountie mythology helped create a romantic vision of Canada

The Secret Life of Canada explores how Canadian Mounties became cultural heroes. They explore the image of the Mountie in early Hollywood, what Irish and Indian resistance to British rule has to do with it, and why young Canada felt a greater need for policing in the West.

George the Poet on why ending racism shouldn't be on 'special' Black people

The latest episode of Seat at the Table reflects on the historical relationship between art and activism with the British spoken word artist behind BBC’s “Have You Heard George’s Podcast?”

Party Lines expands with special series: 'Party in the U.S.A'

Party Lines is back for a new season, and this fall, the Canadian political podcast widens its scope. In a big year for global politics, co-host Elamin Abdelmahmoud will lead a limited-run series focused on the U.S. election.

'Recall: How to Start a Revolution' podcast explores the October Crisis, 50 years later

Host Geoff Turner discusses the new podcast, Recall: How to Start a Revolution, and explores the modern-day relevance of the October Crisis.

Seat at the Table tackles systemic racism in Season 2

The talk podcast returns for a new season about the power of the Black Lives Matter movement and what it will take to move forward.

The Quarantine Chronicles are like bedtime stories for bizarre times

PlayME invited some of Canada's top playwrights to write short plays inspired by our disorienting times, all of which debuted in their digital theatre.

Kanesatake: Let's talk about what happened long before the 'Oka Crisis'

Anniversaries are a strange thing in Canada, depending on who you are and which side you're watching from. It's been 30 years since an event you may know as the Oka Crisis; but that's not where the story begins for The Secret Life of Canada. 

LISTEN | Tony Ho

Award-winning sketch troupe Tony Ho takes listeners on a journey of dark comedy with Season 1 of their new CBC Podcast.

Cult classic WireTap is back — as a podcast

Wiretap with Jonathan Goldstein debuted as a radio show, but it sounded like a podcast before podcasts were even a thing. Now CBC Podcasts is re-releasing select episodes from seasons 6 through 11. Listen in!

Introducing: This is Not a Drake Podcast

The new podcast aims to break down seminal moments in Drake’s career to explore the history and evolution of hip-hop, R&B, gender dynamics, and Black culture.

GRIN Disorder, kidney failure and Father's Day: How one family is surviving it all

Self-proclaimed 'rare disease dad' Keith McArthur writes about his complicated, emotional journey to becoming the father he is today.

New podcast examines 'stunning institutional failure' of 1995 murder case, host says

Investigative reporter Tim Bousquet has been steeped in the case of Glen Assoun for years. He talks to CBC Podcasts about the importance of this story, and of seeking accountability within Canada's most powerful institutions. 

'Damn right I can': Achieving body positivity in a fatphobic world

Plus-sized positivity advocate, Ivory, shares her expert tips on embracing your curves, including reclaiming “fat”, utilizing body neutrality and promoting whole body health.

This boy's parents spent nearly a decade trying to understand why he can't walk or talk

It took Bryson Williams-McArthur's parents a decade to identify the rare genetic disorder that has hampered his speech and mobility. Even so, they may never find out what he's thinking.

Mic Drop and Tai Asks Why join youth podcast network TRAX 

The new PRX podcast network caters to 9 to 13-year-old listeners

Why aren't there more Japantowns in Canada?

In the latest episode — Where is Japantown? — hosts Leah-Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson look into Japanese Canadian history and how the internment of more than twenty thousand Japanese-Canadians during the Second World War altered countless lives and split up entire communities.

New medical mystery podcast a 'microcosm' of COVID-19 reality, host says

Unlocking Bryson’s Brain chronicles a family’s journey in understanding—and possibly finding a cure—to their son’s rare genetic condition. Hosted by Bryson’s father, journalist Keith McArthur.

New podcast series 'The Show Must Go On' brings the theatre experience home

PlayME presents a special series of seven compelling plays, bringing theatre to the comfort of your home. Six of the shows had their live runs cancelled or disrupted by COVID-19.

Sasquatch and Ogopogo deserve better than a crappy T-shirt

In the first full episode of Season 3, Leah and Falen explore the truth behind two very old stories. Sasquatch and Ogopogo are legendary creatures of land and sea — but how exactly did they go from sacred figures in Indigenous oral histories to terrifying beasts and dopey-looking mascots?

Unlocking Bryson's Brain

Thirteen-year-old Bryson has a rare neurodevelopmental condition. Scientists working at the cutting edge of genetics believe they know what's causing the disease—and think it could be reversed.

7 podcasts that both kids and adults will enjoy together at home

Here are a few podcasts that are the perfect activity for families practicing physical distancing and staying safe at home.

From hospital visits to co-parenting, answers to kids' questions about COVID-19

From how long viruses can live on surfaces to whether the doctor’s office is still a safe place to visit, The Dose host Dr. Brian Goldman and podcaster Tai Poole address COVID-19 questions from kids across Canada.