What's your Personal Best?

We’ll help you be your best you. As best we can. Given the constraints.

Personal Best is CBC's new comedy podcast—currently in production, set to premiere in winter 2018. 

It's a self-improvement show for people who are skeptical about self-improvement culture. Why do we leave it for Instagram stars, advertisers, and Gwyneth Paltrow to tell us what to do? Why can't two normal people figure it out

That's what we're set out to do.

Together, we'll help you tackle the stuff you would be too embarrassed to ask an attractive, wealthy success guru.

We'll help you be your best you. As best we can. Given the constraints. 

It's a comedy podcast, but each episode is a mini-documentary—so we need real people.

We're on the hunt for people who have a specific area of their life they'd like to get better at. Something you'd want a "life coach" to help with, but you'd be too embarrassed to ask. Real, practical, seemingly inconsequential things that actually nag at you or prevent you from doing or enjoying things. The more candid, the more weird, the better.

Got something in mind? We've set up this form for people to apply to be a guest on the show. Who knows - we may soon be helping you achieve your personal best!