Personal Best

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About Personal Best


Andrew Norton is a radio producer and filmmaker. He's made stories on everything from baseball mascots to legendary skateboarding tricks for outlets like CBC's Wiretap, NPR, WBEZ and podcasts like 99% Invisible. And to answer the first question you'll have when you meet him — he's 6'6".

Rob Norman is the author of Improvising Now, as well as an instructor and director at the Second City Toronto. In addition to producing The Backline weekly podcast, Rob is a Canadian Screen Award winner for his performance on CityTV's Sunnyside. And yes, Rob is tall but he doesn't make a big deal about it.

Associate Producer - Jess Shane is a radio producer and audio artist whose docs have aired on the CBC and BBC. She also curates Constellations, an experimental radio art project. While making Personal Best, Jess learned that she is below average at detecting sarcasm. She's come a long way and is currently satisfied with her progress.

Associate Producer - Yasmine Mathurin Is a radio producer and filmmaker. In addition to having worked for the UN for a short bit, she's done work for CBC News, The Doc Project and Exclaim Magazine. She speaks three languages and credits her Afro for the source of a lot of her magic. She's ...almost 5'10?