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How to dance like no one's watching

Joe is a hobo punk anarchist who wants to jettison part of his old self, so that he can step out onto the dance floor.

Four strangers wake up chained in a basement. Personal Best does nothing.

"You've come here to be helped. But instead, to survive you'll have to find a way to help yourself."

How to fall in love with the culinary arts

Fan is a poet who writes love letters and basks in fantasy. But he's never been able to muster any passion for cooking.

Listen to Personal Best

Personal Best turns tiny goals into grand adventures.

How to land a role in a commercial

Nick is an actor who has auditioned for over 100 commercials with very little success. Is it possible he's just too cool?

How to be a better conversationalist

Cihang often runs out of things to say. She wishes for a database of interesting tidbits to pull from at parties.

Role reversal: Rob and Andrew challenge themselves to complete an episode in 48 hours

"Remind me why we’re doing this again?”

How to master the art of persuasion

Colleen is a very big fan of her brother-in-law's abstract paintings. She offers to sell them on his behalf, withholding the fact she has no idea how to make a sale.

How to prove you're a financially responsible adult

Chandler is a woman in her thirties without a credit card. The answer might be found in an unusual self-help book.

Personal Best Season 2 is coming May 14

Rob and Andrew are back with 8 new episodes!

How to wear all white at Ribfest

Julia H (the second Julia of the season) is a messy eater. But instead of a problem with table manners, she’s convinced it's something else.

How to tell the perfect lie

Two stories. Oriana can’t lie and it’s hurting those closest to her. Also, Kevin wants to tell better jokes.

How one man's backflip saved a CBC podcast (with the help of Shelagh Rogers)

Yaw loved action movies as kid. As an adult, he wants to land a backflip.

How to birth a new side of yourself

Sheryl is a mother, educator, and therapist. But she feels like she still hasn't had a chance to express her inner self — her true country self.

How to put your head under water

Two stories. Michael is a musician who goes by the stage name Non-Swimmer. To no one’s surprise, he can’t swim. Also, Toula hates cancelling plans.

How to stop texting like a robot

Julia struggles flirting over text messages and it’s hampering her love life. Is it possible to communicate your authentic self via text?

How to be (a little) less awkward with strangers

Two stories: It’s tragic when you can’t communicate to those closest to you. For Manu, it’s his local Shoppers Drug Mart clerk. Also, Jan is overwhelmed by menus.

How to high five yourself

Brent is a punk musician, radio announcer and an all-around fun guy who is completely unable to celebrate himself. His only hope might be a man with a keytar.

How to break up with your snooze button

Robin is a chronic snoozer. She’s constantly late for work, sleeping in for upwards of two hours. Plus, she’s been keeping an elaborate secret from her mother since high school.