Out in the Open

The perfect personal apology letter — for a price

What’s a sorry really worth if you get someone else to write it?
Online, you can find apology letters for just about anything.

Dan Furman is a writer. He runs a business writing all sorts of things for his clients. And if what those clients need is for him to craft a lovely apology for, say, cheating on their spouse or accidentally killing a friend's pet, he'll do that too.

"It is a very personal and private thing, but some people sometimes do need help with it," Dan tells Piya. 

He's a ghostwriter, of sorts. "I'm writing as the person," he explains. "I will try to keep it within their voice. If they are writing on a fifth-grade level... I'm not going to give them back Shakespeare."

And what's a heartfelt personal apology worth when you pay someone else to write it? According to Dan, "Generally about two hundred bucks."

If that's too steep for you to pay, there are tons of templates online to help you apologize for everything from mistakes... to lice.

This story originally aired on January 15, 2017