Out in the Open

Do you, Tallulah, take yourself to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Everyone deserves a wedding day even if they haven't found the perfect partner.
Tallulah (bottom left) and six friends threw a wedding for themselves in 2006. (Courtesy of Tallulah)

​​Tallulah drank so much champagne on her wedding day that she can't remember her vows. Thankfully, the person she made those vows to can't get too upset about it.

Tallulah reaffirms her vows to herself on her tenth anniversary. (Courtesy of Tallulah)

Tallulah married herself that day.

She now looks back on her wedding day — shared with six other women — fondly.  

Dressed in vintage wedding gowns, the women took a red convertible Cadillac to the beach and walked through a bramble patch to a grassy area stocked with champagne. There, they read their vows aloud and then walked back to the beach to mingle and celebrate with guests. It was a fairytale wedding.

Marrying yourself may seem like a strange choice, but Tallulah says that even if a woman doesn't have someone in their life, they still deserve to experience that special day.

Tallulah and five of the six other women who married themselves on that fateful day in 2006 ride in a horse-drawn carriage to celebrate their tenth anniversary. (Courtesy of Tallulah)

Tallulah and her six other self-married friends celebrated their tenth anniversary last year with a reaffirmation ceremony and a ride through Vancouver in a Cinderella-inspired horse-drawn carriage. 

They all remain happily married.