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The invisibility of late term pregnancy loss

Siri Agrell talks about the unique pain of losing a fetus at five months
Siri Agrell talks about the unique pain of losing a fetus at five months (Procristination )

In a personal essay for Out in the Open, Siri Agrell discusses the unique pain of losing a fetus after five months, and the misconceptions around late term pregnancy loss. Here is an excerpt:

"I'm not going to tell you the details of how my pregnancy ended because... what difference does it make? The baby dies either way. There is no life to be pro about here. There is no choice in these situations. And so I get angry when I hear people suggest that women who have late term abortions do so frivolously and not as is overwhelmingly the case because of severe genetic abnormalities, or a risk to their own lives, and because the other option you are given in that situation is pretty f---ing brutal too. I want to tell those people who claim to care about bringing babies into the world what was actually going through my mind when I made the choice about how my doomed pregnancy would end. I thought of only one thing, almost from the moment I found out, and that was the certainty I felt that I would have another baby. When you've had a pregnancy go wrong it becomes almost unimaginable to remember the time when you just assumed that everything would go right. Seems so unlikely to me now, the miraculous fusion of cells and tissues that must occur to create a baby, perfect and well formed."