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Talk show host Steve Deace makes conservative radio passionate but not angry

Conservative talk show host Steve Deace talks about why his anger is constructive and takes issue with the rage that fuels the Trump campaign.
Conservative talk radio host Steve Deace. (Salem Radio Network)

Steve Deace is a widely syndicated, conservative radio host from Iowa. 

He refers to President Barrack Obama as a Marxist and calls gay rights activists 'The Rainbow Jihad.' 

Deace considers himself a voice for the voiceless but also realizes that what he is doing is for the sake of entertainment.

He takes issue with the destructive anger that is fuelling the Trump campaign. 

From his point of view, Deace contributes passion to conservative radio and not anger, because passion is what keeps people tuning-in. 

"Am I throwing a tantrum or am I trying to get your attention?" he asks.

It is easy, however, to misconstrue those two emotions. Deace feels that it all comes down to what the motivation of your anger or passion is. 

"Do I use anger to do what Drudge is doing? To perpetuate easily debunked conspiratorial myths? To peddle fake polling results? To essentially sensationalize things for the lining of my own pockets?  Or do I use my anger to fight back against things that are bad for the human condition?"