Out in the Open

Piya Chattopadhyay says goodbye to Out in the Open

As Out in the Open draws to a close, host Piya Chattopadhyay reflects on the purpose and impact of her CBC Radio program.

CBC Radio host reflects on the purpose and impact of her show

Piya Chattopadhyay has been an on-air fixture in broadcasting for two decades as a reporter and host, for both radio and TV, in Canada and abroad. In September 2020, she will begin hosting Sunday mornings on CBC Radio. (CBC)

I'm the kind of person who's rarely the last to leave a party.

On the surface, my philosophy is to leave on a high note, and keep them wanting more!

But to be more honest, I tend to have a hard time dealing with things winding down. I quickly feel a little bit melancholy.

Yet here I am, winding down the first show that I co-created and hosted in my 20 years of broadcast reporting and guest hosting.

And while that familiar feeling is kicking in once again, it's standing alongside a feeling of real excitement for what's next.

Earlier this month, it was announced that I'll be taking on a new role, hosting Sunday mornings on CBC Radio starting this fall.

I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity, but also for what I'll be taking to it from this show.

While hosting Out in the Open, I've learned so much about myself both professionally and personally. I'm better in both ways because of it.

I'm also deeply proud of what I believe was a new and important contribution to public broadcasting in Canada. 

But this isn't just about me. This is really about us.

And here's what I want you to know:

I never did this alone.

Even if I could, it wouldn't have been half the show it was.

In every way, Out in the Open was a reflection of some of the most brilliant and creative minds in journalism and the distinctive contributions they made. 

It was a reflection of every guest, each of whom was willing to be open, honest and vulnerable.

And it was a reflection of every listener bringing an open mind to hear things that you might not have agreed with, that made you uncomfortable and that challenged your perspective.

This partnership was a testament to the fact that when we sit down together, make space, converse and listen respectfully, and cast aside judgment… we can find some common ground, empathy and a deeper understanding of each other and the world in which we live.

That was always our intention from the beginning, and we're so grateful that you joined us week after week to see it through.

Without you, there is no us.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for having lent us your ear on Out in the Open.


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