Out in the Open

Why this woman chose to free bleed through the London Marathon

Periods wait for no one, not even the London Marathon.
Drummer Kiran Gandhi running the London Marathon pad and tampon free. (Kiran Gandhi)

Drummer Kiran Gandhi spent a year training for the London Marathon. Last April ― just before the race ― she got her period. For a moment, she considered running 42 kilometres with a tampon or a pad, but after much deliberation, she decided to "run free."

Her decision caused a stir on the internet.  But for all the praise that she received for breaking a taboo, she got equal measures of comments calling her "gross" and "unhygienic." Kiran shares the reasons behind her polarizing choice and the importance of normalizing the period.


Kiran is not the only athlete to speak about her period. You may remember Chinese swimmer Yuanhui Fu talking about her period at the Rio Olympics. Watch this memorable interview: