Out In The Open

Why one father opposes the sex-ed curriculum at his daughter's school

"A time will come when they will learn it on their own."
Hundreds of parents protested changes to Ontario's sex ed curriculum outside Thorncliffe Park Public School. (CBC)

Last fall, parents in Toronto's Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood protested the new sex education curriculum proposed for Ontario schools. The revamped sex-ed classes would teach kids about their body parts in Grade 1; discuss homosexuality in Grade 3; and go over the rules of "sexting" in Grade 4, among other changes.

Those protests were effective—the curriculum has now been modified so that genitalia are referred to as nothing riskier than "private parts" in Grade 1, and homosexuality is only mentioned in Grade 3—and even then, only if a student raises the subject first.

Azeem Mohammad pulled his daughter Sarah out of school for a few days as part of the protest last fall. Out in the Open producer Pacinthe Mattar and host Piya Chattopadhyay talked with them both to find out their reasons for rejecting the new curriculum.