Out In The Open

Teens share their own experiences of sex education

No fantasies, no watermelon seeds, and no pelicans.
Condom-shaped mascots prepare for an AIDS awareness event at the office Blue City in Beijing, China on Nov. 27, 2014. (Ng Han Guan/AP)

We often hear what parents think their kids should learn about sex: who they should learn it from, what age, what knowledge is crucial and what isn't. But we wanted to hear the answers from the kids themselves.

Three teens—all attending public high schools, all alumni of sex-ed classes—share their own views on what kind of sex talk they want and who they want to give that sex talk.

Amilah Haque lives in Thorncliffe Park and has a younger brother who attends the same school as Sarah from our earlier interview. Nadine Abdel Malek says her views are informed by her religious faith; and Ryland Dinneen is an openly gay teen who goes to an art school.

Turns out what they want is simple, yet difficult to achieve. They want a candid, open conversation with their parents without pressure or judgement. No fantasies, no watermelon seeds, and no pelicans. 

Piya asked the teen panel about what songs come to mind on the topic of sex talks. Their picks are below.