Out in the Open

He says he's been stopped by police 70 times. Now, he wants to be an officer.

Why Sanjay Carr wants to be a police officer in Toronto.

CBC's Out in the Open host Piya Chatthopadhyay talks to Sanjay Carr.

Sanjay Carr, 27, says he wants to make change from within. (Sanjay Carr)

Sanjay is a 27-year-old who estimates he's been stopped by police about 70 times.

There have been a lot of shootings in Sanjay's neighbourhood since he moved there as a kid, and a high police presence.

Sanjay says he's felt animosity towards police in the past. But now he wants to become an officer.

"Growing up I was told it's harder to fix something from the outside. You can fix something on the inside," he tells Piya.

He thinks being an officer is the best way he can help his community and himself.