Out In The Open

How one woman's wedding invitation ignited a battle for acceptance

Kinsey Clarke wished for one thing: for her mother to attend her wedding ceremony.
Kinsey Clarke shared the story of the challenges she had to face ahead of her wedding. (Debbie Pacheco/CBC)

Like most brides, Kinsey Clarke was busy with wedding prep ahead of the ceremony: picking out a dress, buying flowers, getting rings. But there was also something else she had to do.

With less than two weeks before her ceremony, Kinsey still had to invite her parents.

Now living in Toronto, Kinsey had come out as gay to her family in Detroit only a month before the wedding. It didn't go over well, especially with her mom.

"One of my friends put it best: It's like my mom is a triangle who's just been told that her child is a circle. I'm not going to ever be a triangle," Kinsey told CBC's Out in the Open host Piya Chattopadhyay.

This is Kinsey's story about inviting her mom to her wedding.

"I want to feel like there's at least some part of her that's going to say, 'Hey, I might not agree with this, with who my daughter is, but you're still my daughter. I want to see you get married for hopefully the only time and be there to support.'"