Out in the Open

'Yes! Yes! I have it!'

When we talk about ADHD, we usually talk about kids. In adults, it can go undiagnosed for a long time. That was what happened to Russ LeBlanc.
Russ Le Blanc with his grandson. Russ was 49 years old when he learned he had ADHD his whole life.

Russ Le Blanc was thrilled when it was finally confirmed that he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — a.k.a. ADHD.

Symptoms include trouble focussing, being easily distracted, forgetfulness, and making careless mistakes. You may be impulsive, or chronically disorganized. You may lose things a lot.

When we talk about ADHD we usually talk about kids, but Russ was 49-years-old when he was diagnosed. He'd been seeking help for years.

Some people spell ADHD... as N-U-T-S.- Russ LeBlanc

It had been invisible — even to him — for most of his life.

But once the news sunk in and he began to tell people around him, Russ isn't so sure it's made his life better.

"My doctor asked me, 'Do you think you're better off knowing that you have [ADHD]?'...I don't know. It solves a question I've always had. Whether or not that answer does me good, jury's still out."

The most important thing to Russ is that people understand it does exist.

"I term it as the Rodney Dangerfield of disorders. It gets no respect."