Out In The Open

What it's like to be a woman in the police force

Fredericton's police chief talks about experiencing sexism and fighting for equality.
(Vincent Carbonneau)

This story originally aired on October 22, 2016

Women make up 20 per cent of police officers in Canada, on average.

For senior officers, it's only 12 per cent. When it comes to holding the top job of police chief, women's representation dips to less than 3 per cent.

Behind those numbers is a story. Fredericton Chief of Police Leanne Fitch, one of only five municipal women police chiefs in Canada right now, speaks with Piya about the gender discrimination she has faced throughout her career, and her frustration with the many changes still needed for women in policing.

UPDATE: Since this story originally aired, a Federal Court judge agreed multiple harassment lawsuits against the RCMP can go forward as a class action,.representing women who work — or used to work — for the RCMP starting in 1974.