Out in the Open

Staying away from home for the holidays

Portland, Oregon's Andie Main has given up on seeing her mom for the holidays, or the foreseeable future.
Sometimes it's the best choice to avoid family at all costs over the holidays. (Pexels )

Portland, Oregon's Andie Main is a comedian and self-described "bisexual artist vegetarian".

Her mom is right-leaning and thinks America is in danger. She also vehemently disagrees with Andie's beliefs and her lifestyle.

"I personally think just because you're related to someone doesn't mean you have to enjoy them. You don't have to hurt yourself to make someone who is mean to you feel better." 

Andie tells Piya how her and her mom's deep political conflicts have made her decide to survive the holidays by NOT going home, and what kinds of internal conflicts that's raised for her.