Out in the Open

'I shouldn't care about my body hair. But I know I always will'

Amy Kim shaves, waxes and gets laser treatments, but she wishes she didn’t feel the need to do any of it.
Some women will do whatever it takes to rid themselves of body hair.

Out in the Open listener Amy Kim wrote in to us, reflecting on her compulsive need to rid herself of her body hair.

She hoped speaking with Piya could help her better understand why she cares about hair so much.

"I don't see [hair] as part of my body...I see body hair as something to be removed, something dirty...I don't want it to be part of my body," she tells Piya.

Amy wishes she was the kind of person who didn't care so much about body hair because, as a teacher, she tells her students they shouldn't worry about it. But she admits judgement passes through her head when she sees other women who have grown out their hair.

Piya, with the help of Amy's friend Kathleen, attempts to convince Amy not care so much, and to try growing her hair out.