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How getting a 'get' taught Aviva Rubin about the value of old rituals in modern divorce

Aviva Rubin had the ideal modern divorce, but realized, by accident, the power of an old ritual when she went to get a get to appease her ex-father in law.
Wedding rings on the Torah (Alex Landa )

Aviva Rubin's ex-father-in-law would not leave her and her ex, Ron, off the hook until they got a get — a divorce document in Jewish religious law. 

Without a get, Ron could not officially get married to another Jewish woman, as his father wished would happen. So, after he agreed to pay for it, the already divorced couple started the process of getting the get.

Once it was complete, Aviva had to go back to get the get — a beautiful hand written document — and just when she thought it was about to be given to her, it was cut in half by the Rabbi. 

The experience made Aviva think about the end of her relationship and purpose of the ritual.