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About the Show

Hosted by Piya Chattopadhyay, Out in the Open brings you real talk about real life. Each week, Piya and the team tackle one timely topic from many different angles with energy, wit, and journalistic rigour. We hear directly from a diverse range of people with personal stories to tell and passionate opinions to share, and invite challenging perspectives into the conversation. We say to the audience: "You're thinking about it - let's talk about it. Out in the open."

Air Times

Radio One

  • Sunday at 12 p.m 
  • Thursday at 1 p.m.

Sirius XM

  • Sunday at 12 p.m. ET and 11 p.m. ET
  • Tuesday at 7 a.m. ET
  •  Thursday at 1 p.m. ET​

United States

Out in the Open is distributed to U.S. public radio stations by Public Radio International. Click here to find out whether we air in your area, and when you can tune in.


Out in the Open is broadcast in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Click here to find out more information about where and when you can tune in.

Meet the team

Piya Chattopadhyay has been described as a "swiss army knife" for her versatility in filling in as host of a number of flag-ship shows, including The Current, q, The World at Six and Toronto's morning show, Metro Morning. As the host of Out in the Open, Piya breaks away from a more traditional role. She interviews guests, but she also has conversations with listeners and the show's producers and where appropriate, talks about how these issues touch her own life in ways which allow her spontaneity, curiosity, and personality to shine. 

Brian Coulton is the senior producer of Out in the Open and beer columnist for the CBC Toronto program Here & Now. Before that, he served as producer, music programmer, writer and director on q. Outside CBC, Brian's worked as an arts journalist and audio producer, freelancing for the likes of Metro Canada, The Banff Centre and Soho House. He loves beets, beats, brews and Björk... but hates alliteration.

Debbie Pacheco has been making radio at the CBC for about six years on shows like q, Day 6, Canada Reads, and Stripped. She also wrote a thesis once about the Portuguese-speaking community in Toronto. She hopes to one day make chouriço like her mom.  

Lisa Bryn Rundle has been a producer at CBC Radio for nearly a decade, mostly at q. She co-created and co-produced a summer series all about our complicated relationships with animals today, Tooth & Claw. Before radio, she worked in magazines, including as senior editor for an award-winning magazine named after the most unattractive marine mammal. She co-edited the anthology Turbo Chicks, about young women and feminism. She lives with two dogs, a toddler and a vegan. 

Sam Colbert came to Out in the Open after stints producing daily segments for As It Happens and The Current. For the latter program, he produced a radio documentary about an American student who disappeared in China. He previously worked for the Toronto Star and Canadian Press and got his master's at Ryerson. He'd like you to know that even Stephen used to pronounce it "coal-burt."