Now Or Never

When you look in the mirror, do you wish something was different?

This week you'll hear from people who aren't just thinking - or talking - about making a physical transformation. They're in the middle of changing their bodies right now - and they're choosing to do it for deeply personal reasons.
This week, Now or Never explores how and why people choose to make physical transformations. (Pixabay)
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This week it's all about physical transformations — people choosing to change their bodies for deeply personal reasons. Find out why a Calgary carpenter chose to amputate his leg — and how it's given him a new lease on life. You'll also meet a woman who shattered her body in a car accident and has worked up the nerve to compete in her first bodybuilding competition, scars and all. And find out why one woman waited 30 years to get breast reduction surgery, and what finally nudged her to do it now.