Now Or Never

What's making you go it alone?

A young woman who decided to stop dating for a year. A 12-year-old ballet dancer who left home to chase her dreams. A guy who stayed silent and alone with his thoughts for ten whole days. What does it take to strike out on your own?
Leila Hopkins, a young ballerina training away from home, is one of the many people going solo on this episode of Now or Never. (Evan Bergen)
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Ify is flying solo this week, as Trevor is off being a Dad to his brand new baby

So what better time for Now or Never to celebrate Canadians who, like Ify, are going it alone right now? 

Meet a young woman who has decided to stop dating for a year and a guy who can't wait for his next solo silent meditation retreat. We'll also introduce you to a 12-year-old who left her family to chase her ballet dreams, and hear from Ify's sister, who returned to her home country of Nigeria to adopt a baby girl... all by herself.