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WATCH | Trevor Dineen tackles his most-feared piece of gym equipment

'I've never attempted what I have deemed to be the devil's gym machine. That is, until now.'

Trevor tackles Jacob's Ladder... kind of

5 years ago
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I've never attempted what I have deemed to be the devil's gym machine - the Jacob's Ladder. That is, until now.

By Trevor Dineen, Now or Never host

I'm about to try something I've never done at the gym before. It's called Jacob's Ladder.

Make no mistake, folks, that's a smile of exhaustion. (CBC / Kaj Hasselriis )

Now, there should be one rule and one rule only when trying to name gym equipment: don't name it after a horror movie. Seems simple. Would I want to do the Blair Witch bench press? No, no I would not.

If someone said: "And over here, we have the elliptical but we like to call it The Exorcist," I'd pass.

Even the "Silence of the Lambs stationary bike" would be too intimidating for me to muster a single pedal. 

So whenever I am at the gym and walk past Jacob's Ladder, I can't help but shake my head. First off, for any of you out there that hear "Jacob's Ladder" and think: "Oh, that's a lovely biblical reference," bless your hearts. I wish I was in your boat. Unfortunately, when I hear those two words side by side, all I can think of is the terrifying 1990 horror film starring a very young and creepy Tim Robbins.

To be clear, I hate horror films. Always have, always will.

So Jacob's Ladder already has one strike against it. The second strike comes by the equipment's description alone:

"Jacobs Ladder is an innovative cardio machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill". 

So, in layman's terms, it's a never-ending ladder. Do you want to know my favourite part about ladders? The fact that they end. 

For those two reasons, and those two reasons alone, I've never attempted what I have deemed to be the devil's machine. 

That is, until now. Not because I was brave and inspired to overcome my fear, but because I host a show called Now or Never, and I was told I had to. The optics look bad if I don't.

So how did it go? As you can tell by the video: I killed it.

For a whopping 20 seconds, then I slipped and pulled a muscle in my leg. While also stubbing my toe. It turns out I may have been going a bit faster then I was supposed to go.

Did I enjoy it? Nope. Not at all. And I'm convinced if anyone tells you they do, they are a liar. But did I learn something?

You bet I did. I learned to appreciate actual ladders. In all of their beautiful static ten-rung glory. Because at the end of the day, there's nothing scary about that. Unless I fall. Again.

Orvana Sungeelee was my guide to the Jacob's Ladder. Thanks a lot, Orvana. (CBC / Kaj Hasselriis)