Now Or Never

Looking for love at The Bachelor Canada auditions

We dropped in on Winnipeg auditions for the TV show The Bachelor to find out what drives people to look for love in a reality show.
Chanelle, Julie and Pam are all looking for love at auditions for The Bachelor Canada. (CBC)

By Now or Never host Ify Chiwetelu

Reality shows are known for their drama, attention-seeking casts, and fierce competition. I was expecting to see a glimpse of that when Trevor and I dropped in on The Bachelor Canada auditions in Winnipeg. I anticipated long lineups of impeccably dressed women and men, primping in the hallways, tension and flirtation in the air. I wanted to introduce myself to at least one person who, instead of shaking hands, told me that they weren't there to make friends. The scene we walked into was far from any of that. Trevor and I found ourselves in a large ballroom where a handful of anxious women sat clutching applications, and making nervous conversation. 

We spoke with Julie, Pam, and Chanelle, about what brought them there, and what kind of guy they were hoping to meet.

Julie  (photo above)

"I've always been really old fashioned… I love the idea of meeting somebody at a grocery store, or when you trip and fall on the street and they help you up, something like that. "

Julie is hoping for a bachelor who:

  • Can make her laugh
  • Is kindhearted
  • Has genuine intentions
Pam (CBC)


"I've been so focused on my own work and personal life that I just haven't made time for love. I was like, you know what, what better time than now… hopefully he's my dream guy!"

Pam is hoping for a bachelor who:

  • Is spontaneous
  • Is close with family and friends
  • Likes to travel and try new things
Chanelle (CBC)


"I've searched for it. I can't search any longer… I feel like if this is for me, if this is supposed to happen, then it's going to happen. There's a reason I'm here. Maybe this is my chance."

Chanelle is hoping for a bachelor who is:

  • Genuine
  • Funny
  • Natural, free-spirited