Now Or Never

Leaving home: Wrestling with the mixed emotions of moving day

Moving day can be surreal and full of mixed emotions. Meet 10 people who are packing up their life this week, for something new.
Now or Never joins people across Canada who are making a move this week, whether it's across the world or down the road. (Andriv Fabrikov/Glory Omotayo/Nera Pettipas)

Moving day is often listed as one of life's most stressful experiences. Whether you're moving by choice or by circumstance, packing up a life's worth of possessions and heading into something new can feel surreal, exhausting, or exhilarating (or all three at once!). 

On this Now or Never, meet nine people who are packing up their life and handling all the mixed emotions that come with it.

The clock is ticking and emotions are high as homeowners Joe and Joanne pack up their Brampton home of 27 years. For the crew of movers they've hired, the stress of moving day is just part of the job.

When Olamide Ayoade moved from Nigeria to Canada as an international student, the plan was clear: go to business school and get a job. Two years in, Ola knew she needed to make another move, to follow her true passion of becoming a hairstylist... whether she has her parents' support or not. 

Desperate to find a place of her own in Pictou County's difficult rental market, Nera Pettipas is taking matters into her own hands. She shows us the school bus she's transforming into a home, with a little help from her grandfather. 

When bombs started to fall just outside of Odessa, Ukraine, Valentyna and Sergii Fabrikov knew they had to move quickly. With only enough time to pack one suitcase each, they left their home in Ukraine to join their son Andriv in Victoria, BC. They reflect on the journey so far, and their hopes for the future.

After over six months of looking, seven houses bid on, and numerous flights from Guelph to Winnipeg, Ben Hetman and Elissa Giang have finally purchased their first house…the only problem is, they've never seen it in person. 

When 28-year-old Wasif Haseeb's family announced they were moving from Winnipeg to Hamilton, he had some decisions to make. Facing his first move ever, Wasif weighs cultural expectations, finances, and his hopes for his future as he decides between moving with his family or heading out on his own.