Now or Never

Want to winterize your commute? Try kicksledding!

When winter conditions are good, Yukon's Anne Middler wants you to consider kicksledding to work.

Want to winterize your commute? Try kicksledding!

7 years ago
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"I get lots of looks," says kicksledder Jocylyn McDowell.

If snow is part of your winter and you're looking for a new way to commute, Anne Middler has an idea for you.

She wants you to join her kicksled revolution.

A kicksled is like a scooter for snow. Middler, a fledgling entrepreneur in the Yukon, just had 350 of them shipped in from Finland. Her goal is to get one percent of her territory kicksledding to work by the end of winter.

Anne Middler is the energetic Yukoner behind the kicksled revolution. (Cheryl Kawaja, CBC)

"I've been talking about the kicksled revolution for seven years and people are getting tired of it so I thought I just need to make something happen," said Middler. "What I need is a critical mass of people to have kicksleds to help ensure that the wintertime infrastructure exists so that people can use them to get around."

Kicksledding is good for weekend fun, too. (Anne Middler)

One of Middler's kicksled converts is Jocylyn McDowell, who uses her kicksled to commute when conditions are good. "I get lots of looks," said McDowell. "People who get a chance to approach me are amazed and totally agog because it is such a beautiful thing to see someone gliding by on it."

Most of Middler's kicksleds are still in a shipping container but she'll be unloading them soon for a launch party in Whitehorse. She's already selling them online.