How to make your neighbourhood a million times better

Wherever you live, there are lots of unique ways to improve your surroundings. Meet some Canadians who have managed to make a difference in their 'hood.
From Whitehorse to Winnipeg, these are just some of the people in Canada who are going out of their way to make their communities better. (CBC)
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What's one thing you want to do to change your neighbourhood? 

On this episode, meet dreamers and schemers who are coming up with creative ways to make their communities better. A Winnipeg woman is so determined to meet her neighbours that she ambushes them with cookies and questions. A senior citizen shows off his harebrained invention to extend the vegetable growing season in Whitehorse. And a guy in Edmonton tries to improve that city's "accidental beach."

Got an idea to make your neighbourhood a million times better? Add it to your Now or Never list.