Now Or Never

How to fight for joy

2020 has been hard. So how do you find moments of joy through grief, oppression and uncertainty? You fight for it.
Meet people fighting for joy: whether celebrating your 'lewk,' finding ways to make kindergarten fun during a pandemic, or dressing up in an inflatable T-rex costume. (Submitted by Bee Quammie / Sara Neufeld / Morwenna Trevenen)
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On a regular day, joy can be hard to find. Throw in a global pandemic, social injustice, and economic uncertainty, and "finding your joy" can seem downright impossible. 

So what do you do when joy seems like a distant memory?

You fight for it.

Today on Now or Never, meet people who are digging deep through grief, loss, oppression, illness and uncertainty, to find their joy.

  • Sara Neufeld and Kim Crass are two Winnipeg teachers determined to make sure that play and fun can still be found in their kindergarten classrooms, amidst the new COVID regulations.
  • Indigenous activist Michael Redhead Champagne shares the secret to finding joy and purpose in tragic moments. 
  • CALLING ALL JOYS! People named Joy tell us about the burden and the gift in being named after an emotion, including some perspective from 101-year-old Joy Saunders of Lunenberg, NS. 
  • After a seven year struggle with infertility, Morwenna Trevenen and Kyle Collins fight toxic positivity, and find small moments of silliness, as they take one last shot at an embryo transfer.
  • For Bee Quammie, big hair, bold prints, and a good heel are the keys to unlocking moments of joy in quarantine life.
  • Funeral director Richard Rosin has just the instrument to cut through the darkness of dealing with death.