BLOG | Ify and Trevor discover the power of random compliments

CBC Radio hosts try a new approach to giving back: they bombard strangers with compliments - and discover the power of the random compliment to brighten someone's day.
Trevor & Ify get festive by dolling out random compliments. (CBC)

By Now or Never hosts Trevor Dineen and Ify Chiwetelu

Ify: This is the time of year when many people sign up to volunteer at soup kitchens, or drop-in centres.

So many people, in fact, that there's often a waiting list. If you didn't put your name down months ago, you might have missed your chance. But fear not! There are many options to give back.

Volunteer Toronto has a great list of 16 Ways To Give Back this holiday season. Trevor and I thought we'd pick one and give it a whirl.

We went with #5: Compliment a stranger. 

So we dashed through the snow to the magical winter wonderland that is The Forks in Winnipeg and got ready to compliment-bomb the heck out of the food court.

Trevor & Ify swap compliments. (CBC)

Trevor: We did our stretches. We practiced a bit on each other: 

"Ify: You have not one, but two beautiful eyes!"

"Trevor: Your skin looks moist."

And we were ready to go.

Now here's the deal: people love getting complimented!

We did it rapid fire. No thinking. No prep.

Just running from table to table with Oprah-like energy, handing out compliments the way she used to hand out new cars. I was amazed at how these quick interactions just brightened people's day.

It had the opposite effect of giving someone a Christmas fruit cake. There was nothing but smiles and laughs and thank-yous.  

Ify: It's something we committed to do for just one afternoon, but I will keep on doing it.

Once you've turned one skeptical glance into a big smile, it's addictive. Speaking of which: I have to say, I love the way you read this post.

Really excellent work.

Hear our random compliment extravaganza by clicking the 'listen' button above!