Now Or Never

How are changes in your family relationships changing you?

Family dynamics can change in sudden and unexpected ways.  Meet people addressing those shifts head-on, even if it leads to some awkward conversations.
Dealing with a shift in family dynamics is hard - meet Canadians facing that challenge head-on. (Submitted by Ify Chiwetelu/Tori Allen/Ian Bawa)

Family relationships can change in sudden and unexpected ways. 

Whether you find yourself a caregiver to your aging parents, navigating some sticky sibling dynamics, or swapping roles with your spouse, dealing with a sudden shift in a family relationship can be challenging. Especially if no one talks about it. 

So today on Now or Never, meet people addressing those changes head-on, even if it leads to some awkward conversations. 

  • When Ariana Quesada's dad died earlier this year from COVID-19, the 16-year-old suddenly became the head of the household - as the family translator, advocate, and second mom to her three younger siblings. She'll tell us how she's coping, and what she does to still feel like a teenager.
  • Ian Bawa lays it all out there when he talks with his dad, Jack Bawa, about the struggles he's facing as his dad's primary caregiver.
  • And Ify calls up her younger sister Chisom Chiwetelu to find out how she really feels about being the only sibling living in the same city as their parents - and all the responsibilities that come with that.