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Get up, go outside and experience life on the land

Studies have shown that there are benefits to connecting, meaningfully, with the land - people tend to feel happier when they're surrounded by nature.

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians feel it's just easier to spend time indoors

'You can learn from each other, you can share with them. Sharing love and taking care of each other ... I’m very glad I can be a part of,' says Ciang Uap, on her very first backcountry hike. (Emily Rendell-Watson / CBC)

Studies have shown that there are benefits to connecting, meaningfully, with the land. People tend to feel happier when they're surrounded by nature. 

But the majority of people in Canada feel it's easier to just spend time indoors.

So on this Now or Never we're strapping on snowshoes, digging in the dirt, and fighting for vanishing wilderness with people who are determined to connect with the land.