Now Or Never

A shy Regina librarian gets a pep talk from the women of Baroness von Sketch Show

What better way to get motivated to jump start an improv career than meeting the women of Baroness von Sketch Show?
Regina's Florence Hwang makes her CBC improv debut with Baronesses Jennifer Whalen and Aurora Browne. (CBC)

What better way to get motivated to jump start an improv career than meeting the women of Baroness von Sketch Show?

When Florence Hwang filled out our Now or Never list, she asked us for a pep talk. Hwang is a media librarian in Regina who has recently started taking improv classes — but she continues to have stage fright. 

Hwang wrote to us, hoping to get over that fear by meeting the incredible people behind Baroness von Sketch Show. So, of course, we arranged for Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen of the Baronesses to give her the pep talk she needed.

Florence Hwang is a shy media librarian... and an aspiring improv comedian in need of a pep talk. Watch as she meets Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen from Baroness von Sketch Show. 11:49

"The first time I ever performed in front a live audience, I was just like, I said barely two lines. Thankfully my partner was carrying the whole thing," Hwang told Ify and Trevor about her shyness.

"I'm so stuck in my head, and having everything organized. I kinda need to work on that impulse. Obviously not at work, but you know, in improv, just to follow that gut."

Browne and Whalen reassured Hwang that they, too, have insecurities when it comes to performing.

"What we have discovered over the last few years is all of us have confessed to the other three, 'I think I'm pretty terrible at what I'm doing.' You think you're the only one," said Browne. 

"We all go through it… So it gets really hard for you to see yourself as you truly are, as others see you," added Whalen. 

After an emotional conversation, Hwang got her chance to put her improv chops to the test — by performing in front of our live audience with the Baronesses! You can see Florence's improv debut and listen to the whole interview above. 

Once you've done that, here's one of Florence's favourite Baroness von Sketch Show sketches:

Busy day? Dry shampoo. No time to shower? Dry shampoo. Marriage falling apart? Dry shampoo. Nervous breakdown? We cannot stress it enough: dry shampoo. 3:20