Now or Never

From roller-skating to working out in pearls: Ways to find joy in moving your body

Moving your body doesn't have to be about burning calories or making your body look a certain way. These Canadians are finding joy in moving their bodies, no 'should' or shame allowed.
84-year-old Phillis Nachilongo works out almost everyday while wearing a dress and pearls, while Genie Nizigiyimana says rollerskating is 'seratonin on wheels.' (Mwaka Kaonga/Genie Nizigiyimana)

There are so many benefits to physical exercise, but it can be hard to remember if you're only focused on burning calories or trying to make your body look a certain way.

On this episode of Now or Never, you'll meet people finding joy in moving their bodies, whether it's pounding on drums or dancing on roller skates.

When Phillis Nachilongo grabs her pearls and puts on a dress, it's time to workout. Phillis and her daughter Mwaka Kaonga share their pandemic journey to feeling stronger and more motivated together.

For Jody Chan, the powerful movements and sounds of taiko drumming have been the perfect antidote to their years in highly competitive and rigid sports environments. Ify joins Jody at Studio RAW (Raging Asian Womxn) in Toronto to uncover the power and community they've found in taiko.

Tired of waiting for the city to do something to make the streets more accessible during winter, Paul Vienneau took matters into his own hands. He spent six hours shoveling a downtown Halifax crosswalk from his wheelchair. Today, his shovel and his SmartDrive attachment keep him moving.

When Genie Nizigiyimana is grooving around Winnipeg wearing colourful tights, headphones, and a pair of roller skates, she is serotonin on wheels. Trevor joins Genie for a lesson in the joy of moving on skates.

We join Gregory Walters in the middle of his daily workout in Vancouver, to talk about finding joy in exercise while always being aware of his life-long battle with disordered eating patterns and behaviours

And hosts Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen have been feeling unmotivated lately, after spending so much time at home hunched over a computer. So they decide to bust out of their basements for a brisk walk around their neighbourhood, to see if that's the key to getting their energy and creative juices flowing.

If you or somebody you care about is dealing with an eating disorder, you can find support through the National Eating Disorder Information Centre or call toll-free: 1-866-633-4220.

Originally aired in March 2022