Now Or Never

Can you solve the mystery of these 80-year-old photos?

Shannon Donnelly was walking down the street when some old photographs blew across her path. Can you help reunite them with their rightful owners?
Two of the four photos Shannon Donnelly found show Ida and Morrie painting a house in the summer of 1938. (Shannon Donnelly)

Shannon Donnelly was out for a walk with her husband in Kingston, Ont., when she spotted two pages from a photo album on the side of the road. Not wanting them to get ruined, she picked them up. The pages had snapshots of three people — Morrie, Ida, and an unnamed baby — from 1938. 

Two of the four photos Shannon Donnelly found along the side of the road. They're dated Aug., 1938. (Shannon Donnelly)

The photos — two of Morrie and Ida painting a house; one of Morrie, Ida and the baby; and one of Ida and the baby — brought up all the wonder that comes with finding old images.

Who are Ida and Morrie? Were they painting their new house? Where are they now? 

Donnelly knew that she needed to return the photos to their rightful owners. 

"Immediately I was like: Oh wow, someone's going to be missing these photos. So I figured I'd bring them home and reach out to some of my Kingston community," explained Donnelly.

Donnelly knows what it's like to lose a family photograph. After her aunt passed away, she searched high and low for a particularly precious photo of the two of them — but it was nowhere to be found.

Now, she's determined to reunite the photos of Morrie, Ida and the baby with their rightful owners. 

But she hasn't had any luck yet — and that's where you come in! 

Do you know who Morrie, Ida, and the baby are? Do you know who these photos belong to? 

Donnelly has set up an email tip line specifically for this purpose. If you can help, please write to: