Now Or Never

Fear factor: What it takes to face what scares you

Whether it's dogs, death or bobsled crashes, meet people who are determined to overcome their fears.

Whether it's dogs, death or bobsled crashes, meet people who are determined to overcome their fears

(Kevin Light/CBC, Adam Rizvi, Nora Connidis Boydell)

When fear grabs hold of you and sinks it's teeth in, it's hard to shake loose.

And for good reason — if you are in a dangerous situation, that flight-or-fight response can be life-saving. 

But what if your fear is getting in the way of living the life you want? 

You might have to look the fear directly in the eye and welcome whatever happens, just like the guests on this Now or Never.

  • When she was growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Zana Shammi was attacked by one of the city's many street dogs. It led to a phobia of canines she held for decades. But when she moved to dog-friendly Toronto and met her dog-loving partner Eric Traub, Zana knew it was time to finally face her fear.
  • Why do some people enjoy the feeling of being scared? Ify drops by a horror themed escape room in Toronto to talk to a family who wants to get full-on frightened.
  • After a horrific crash, champion bobsledder Chris Spring found himself regularly overwhelmed by the thought he might crash again. A decade later, he's learned to embrace that fear and use it as a motivator. 
  • How do you start a conversation with aging parents about death? Nora Connidis Boydell pours a few glasses of wine to have an honest and open conversation with mom Ingrid and dad Craig about what they want for the end of their lives.


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