Now Or Never

Creative ways Canadians are supporting each other during the COVID-19 crisis

As Canadians do their part to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by self-isolating, we're having to get creative in the ways we support each other.
Whether it's jingle dress dancing, starting an online arts festival, or hanging drawings in the living room window - people across Canada are getting creative to support each other. (CBC / Submitted)

Whether it's online, watching the news or even chatting with your friends and family, it's so easy to be overwhelmed by stories that make you feel anxious or stressed. But Now or Never would like to remind you of all the good being put out into the world.

As people do their part to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by self-isolating, we're having to get creative in the ways we support each other. 

  • When Toronto playwright Nick Green's new musical was cancelled he realized he needed a way to stay creative, share his work, and celebrate the work of other artists whose shows had been disrupted by COVID-19.  He launched the Social Distancing Festival and is now making connections with artists all over the world. Nick takes Ify on a virtual tour of the festival and shares the hopes and fears of artists living through this time.
  • Hear how young jingle dress dancers across Canada are coming together online to share healing and hope.   
  • Are you worried that your relationship may not survive the pandemic? Relationship expert Allison Villa gives some much needed advice.
  • Put on your party pants and fire up your webcam for the Quarankiki! Hear why Karen Sharma (also known as DJ Lucky $harms) thinks it's so important to host a digital dance party for queer people of colour in a time of social distancing.
  • When Rebecca Taylor of Amherst, Nova Scotia, saw her favourite local businesses shut their doors because of COVID-19 she knew she had to do something. So she and the businesses banded together and "We've Got This, Amherst" was born. 
  • How do you show your support for public health officials? For Derek Kleinfeldt , you start a fan club. Hear the motivation behind the fan club for B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.
  • Plus, listeners send a shout out to the people in their lives who've been supporting and comforting them lately.