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You'll go nuts over these photos of squirrels doing human things

Debbie Vokey sets up intricate dioramas, waits for squirrels to arrive, and takes pictures out of her kitchen window.

Photographer Debbie Vokey sets up dioramas and takes pictures out her kitchen window

Photographer goes nuts with pictures of squirrels doing human things

3 years ago
Duration 3:15
Winnipeg's Debbie Vokey sets up intricate dioramas, waits for squirrels to arrive, and takes pictures out of her kitchen window. (Video by Jim Agapito, Matt Purchase, and Paul Stabell)

Winnipeg photographer Debbie Vokey is sitting at her large kitchen window patiently waiting.

But it's not for the sun to come out or the wind to die down. She's waiting... for a squirrel.

You see, Vokey's passion is taking pictures of squirrels doing everyday human tasks.

Want to see a squirrel carrying a canoe?

'Which way to the lake?' (Submitted by Debbie Vokey)

Care to watch one load peanuts onto the back of a bike?

Gotta take care of that precious cargo. (Submitted by Debbie Vokey)

Ever wonder what a squirrel would look like playing the drums? 

Auditioning for a spot in 'Squirrel Jam'. (Submitted by Debbie Vokey)

Vokey takes joy in creating intricate dioramas and placing them in her yard. She has boxes upon boxes of tiny set pieces that she has collected over the years, along with backdrops and handmade flooring. Her staging is so detailed that she won't put them outside until they're just right. 

And then, she waits. Sometimes for hours or days. Because when your subject is a squirrel, patience is of the utmost importance. But it is definitely worth it. 

The big question is... how does Vokey get wild animals to pose so well?

It turns out that a little peanut butter can go a long way.

Goin' out for a rip. (Submitted by Debbie Vokey)
Staying hydrated is important! (Submitted by Debbie Vokey)
Going nuts for the Winnipeg Jets. (Submitted by Debbie Vokey)
'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...' (Submitted by Debbie Vokey)

Originally aired in February, 2019


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