Now Or Never

Capturing the moment

On this episode of Now or Never, meet people who are capturing life's most meaningful moments through pictures.

When you’ve got an unlimited amount of photographs at your fingertips, what gives a picture meaning?

Say cheese! People at the Forks in Winnipeg had their polaroid portraits taken by Now or Never hosts Trevor and Ify. (CBC / Trevor Dineen and Ify Chiwetelu)
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This year, it's estimated that people around the world will take over one trillion photographs. When you've always got a smartphone camera in hand and an unlimited amount of photos at your fingertips, what gives a photo meaning?

On this episode of Now or Never, we are hearing from professional photographers and regular joes who are capturing real, meaningful moments through pictures. 

Each has a story to tell that will nudge you to change the way you capture images.

You'll get insight into what makes people "click", and meet some unexpected shutterbugs. 

Like CBC Manitoba security guard by day, photographer by night Ailton Vieira. For two years, Now or Never host Ify Chiwetelu walked by him every day without realizing that his camera has taken him around the world:

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      Originally aired in February, 2019


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