Now or Never

Better late than never

It is so easy to celebrate people who finish first. But where are the prizes for taking your time?
Agnes White began these mukluks 60 years ago - and only finished them weeks ago! (Submitted by Anna Pingo)

It is easy to celebrate people who finish first, those who master things early. 

But where are the prizes for taking your time?

There are so many things to overcome before you are ready to face a new challenge: whether it's fear, shame, or simply laziness.

On this Now or Never, we're celebrating late bloomers and getting things done with people who know it's better late than never.

  • For the members of Mosaic Multicultural Seniors Choir in Vancouver, it's never too late to learn a new song and a new language.
  • When Bill Porter's father died suddenly just days after bringing home a brand new 1973 Ford LTD Brougham, nobody could have predicted that it would take 45 years before it would be driven again. He invites Trevor Dineen to join him on a very emotional first ride.
  • We climb into the backseat of a driving lesson 20 years in the making. Inspired to reclaim her independence after a divorce, Lee La Paix convinces her friend Nahani Grenier to teach her something she's always been too afraid to learn
  • Though she was assigned male at birth, Ellie Caslake has always known she is a woman. It's taken 67 years to find the courage to be honest with herself, and everyone in her life. 
  • What's the big deal with milestones anyway? Trevor and Ify head to a parenting group to find out how concerned parents of young children are about their children developing on time.
  • Agnes White promised her brother she would make him mukluks; 60 years later, she finally delivers them.
  • It was the secret she never thought she could share, hear how Karla Weir finally found her voice in poetry, and the strength to share her story of childhood sexual abuse.

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