Now or Neverwith Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen


Bowlfuls of love: how a new grandma is tapping into an old tradition

Since her first grandson was born three weeks ago, Wai-Ling Lennon has a new project. She's been tapping into traditional Chinese recipes for soups to help her daughter's body heal.

The Now or Never Community Cookbook

Inspired by the Now or Never episode all about the transformative power of cooking, we're proud to present our Community Cookbook.

What's cooking, Canada?

Grab your apron and spatulas, and join Trevor Dineen and Ify Chiwetelu as they follow their noses into kitchens across Canada.

What's keeping you up? What Canadians are doing in the middle of the night

For millions of Canadians - night shift workers, insomniacs and new parents - when the sun goes down, they're just getting started.

Hours to go before I sleep: My ongoing battle with insomnia

Now or Never host Trevor Dineen has battled insomnia for most of his life. Now, after weeks of less than 3 hours of sleep a night, he's trying to fight back.

Still stripping: Virtual show allows exotic dancers to return to the stage

The Only Fans page Cellar Door provides a strip club alternative during the pandemic, but it's not enough to pay the bills.

My mom gave me a vintage fleece and a sense of adventure

My mom's hot pink Patagonia fleece has helped me feel connected to my mom - and our shared sense of adventure - since the pandemic started.

What's old is new again: How the pandemic is inspiring people to reuse everything

Being stuck between the same four walls has given some people a newfound appreciation for the objects around them.

How writing 'pandemic poetry' is helping me cope

After a decade away from poetry, musician Brendan McLeod has discovered that writing poems can help him make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How repairing a shirt can help mend a grieving heart

Kate Thériault is working through grief by using their late dad's ties to patch their favourite shirt
Personal Essay

Parenting during the pandemic has taught me to embrace video games

When I hear my 9-year-old son whooping and shouting with glee, I almost forget I was once a parent who was against video games. 

What video games can teach us about our world

Gaming is far from just mindless entertainment — it can help build community, connect us with loved ones and help us embrace our identity.
Personal Essay

Accepting my queer identity through gaming

Gamer Nicholas Raffoul is able to explore and embrace his own sexuality through the virtual reality of The Sims.

Making ends meet during a pandemic: How these Canadians are fighting to get by

Meet Canadians whose lives and bank accounts have been upended by the pandemic, and what they're doing to get by.

I'm a finance journalist but it took COVID-19 to make me prioritize saving

Toronto-based finance journalist Zandile Chiwanza says covering the economic destruction of COVID-19 made her get serious about creating an emergency fund.

To help his kids love their Japanese Canadian identity, this dad writes books

Jeff Chiba Stearns hopes that his children's books will help his own kids understand their multiracial identity.

'Maybe I can let go of it all': My Oma's search for closure 45 years after her son's death

At 94 years old, there is just one more place for her to visit: the memorial for fallen officers on Parliament Hill. CBC's Holly Gordon accompanied her Oma on this emotional journey.

My Mom lived through the Biafran war. We didn't talk about it until now.

'Most of what I know about the Biafran war I learned in university. But somehow, I never spoke about it with the people closest to me who lived through it all. Until now.'

Shaking the family tree

As more people are tracing their genealogy and sending off DNA kits, it raises the question: what do you do with all that family history you're digging up?

Find your happy place

Not being able to travel or socialise the way we used to (pre-pandemic) means we have to come up with new ways to escape from our routines and find some joy.

Steaming away the stress: garage-sauna is a Nova Scotia photographer's happy place

Dartmouth photographer, Claire Fraser, says the sauna she built in her garage is a place to reset and relax during a time of stress.

Northern Saskatchewan community using traditional fiddling to prepare youth for future

Principal Darryl Flett had a wake up moment after a number of youth died by suicide in 2016. Now fiddles are a part of connecting local youth to their culture.

The musical instrument that changed my life

Playing an instrument can keep you company when you're lonely, help you grieve, keep your mind sharp - and bring joy at a time of increased isolation. Meet Canadians who are learning a new instrument and making some surprising discoveries along the way.
Personal Essay

People can change their mind, even on the internet

How Edmonton activist and actor Jesse Lipscombe finds hope in online forums and comment sections.

A taste of coexistence: How a Palestinian and an Israeli found friendship through food

While race, religion and politics can often be divisive topics, food tends to unite. For Haitham El Khatib, a Palestinian Muslim, and Itamar Shani, an Israeli Jew, their love of cooking and sharing food is what brought them together.