Now or Neverwith Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen


After his father's death, a son returns to run the family camp

Mitchell Gusdal always knew he'd be back at camp, but it wasn't supposed to happen like this.

How a neighbour spread her mentor's beloved garden across a city

Minnie Schentag's garden was a labour of love for 45 years. When the 93-year-old had to move out of her home, the new owners planned an addition that would destroy the garden. But Schentag's former neighbour, Gail Howell, didn't want that to that happen.

Cambodian-Canadian rapper shares unreleased lyrics inspired by his family's hardships

Jeah, the hip-hop artist from Saskatoon, is trying to figure out how to best honour his family's hardships.

What would you fight to hang on to?

Today on Now or Never, we're jumping in with people who've gone above and beyond to save what matters most to them.

How this Nova Scotia community keeps the tradition of making Christmas wreaths alive

Each year around the holidays, Viola Cain's dining room is filled with family and friends who have gathered to make festive, handmade holiday wreaths.

The North Preston I know isn't the one you've heard about

'The people of North Preston shine so bright that even in darkness, light continues to break through,' says Kardeisha Provo of North Preston, Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia basketball star builds dream ball court for his hometown

Shaquille Smith helped raise $300,000 to build a basketball court in his hometown of North Preston, a community fighting against stigmatisation.

The resilience of North Preston, Nova Scotia

Now or Never visits Canada's largest and oldest indigenous black community, meeting people whose histories run deep and whose passion for fighting for their future cannot be shaken.

British Columbia family left in limbo after death of young farmer

Chase Davison was a fifth generation farmer running his family's dairy operation in Maple Ridge, B.C. He dreamed of expanding the farm. But that dream was one reason he was on the Trans-Canada Highway when he was in a collision, leaving his family unsure of the future.

Save this small town Saskatchewan care home!

The Bellevue Care Home has great food, rollicking bingo nights, and a tight-knit community of friendly senior citizens. But like many small town care homes across Canada, it's struggling to find enough people to live there.

Small towns, big Now or Never moments

From tight-knit farming families, to racial tensions and LGBT experiences - we're hitting the road and visiting small town people at meaningful moments.

Finding a sense of family, after years in foster homes, a street gang and prison

Darcy Belanger was born into a life of abuse, neglect and poverty. Joining a gang gave him the sense of family he was missing. When he became a father behind bars, he began to see things differently.

After friend's death, former soldier vows to help struggling vets

Since his friend's death by suicide last year, retired corporal Josh Muir seeks to help other veterans struggling with the loss of identity that can come with leaving the military.

Who is your chosen family?

This episode of Now or Never looks at why we create chosen families, how they survive now or never moments, and how they sustain us.

Bullies drove him out of school. 40 years later, he's graduating

Brian Petersen was physically attacked and tormented with dead animals. But 40 years after bullies drove him out of school, he is set to graduate high school.
Point of View

When figure skating champ Kurt Browning met drag queen Skirt Browning

Shauna Fay, known today as drag queen Skirt Browning, idolized Kurt Browning when she was growing up. So what happened when Kurt met Skirt?

Making big dreams come true

Now or Never is aiming high and shooting for the stars with Canadians who are chasing a big, seemingly impossible dream —and overcoming huge obstacles to get there.

Want to retire by 35? These millennials are on track to do it

This couple shares a 400 square foot apartment, and cuts costs at almost every opportunity. That means no meals out at restaurants, no car, no cable television, and a monthly grocery bill of only $250.

CBC Radio host helps his dad get out of a retirement rut

Trevor Dineen wanted to help get his dad out of a retirement rut, so he brought him to a Men's Shed. Turns out, it's not a shed at all. It's a place where retired men go to make friends and avoid isolation.

How prepared are you for your retirement?

Retirement is supposed to be our 'golden years' - a chance to relax, re-invent ourselves, and start the next chapter of our lives. But it can also be filled with uncertainty, poverty and loneliness. Today we're diving in with Canadians facing the challenges of their retirement head on.

'I did it for the 'Gram': Why this Instagram star revealed her mental health struggle

Caitlin Fladager became Internet famous for her picture perfect life. But behind the scenes she was struggling. Find out why she finally pulled back the curtain, and what happened when she was honest.

The Iron Fist of Winnipeg: When a fighting game champion comes to town

Growing up in the Philippines, Eumir Enriquez used fighting games to connect with friends. But when he moved to Winnipeg, he didn't know where to go.

Want to get to know Clare, N.S.? This video game can take you there

Clarevoyance will feature the sounds and sights of the Acadian community of Clare, in Nova Scotia, and serve as an archive for the stories and dialect of the area.

Finding real connections in digital communities

Beyond all of the likes and the follows, there are strong communities being built and meaningful relationships being formed in the digital world.

In one year, this woman has picked up 2 tonnes of plastic ocean trash

Karen Jenner doesn't consider herself an environmentalist. But that hasn't stopped her from picking up more than 2,200 kilograms of trash from Nova Scotia beaches in the past year.