Now or Neverwith Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen


'Until the wheels fall off': Angela Whyte is chasing Olympic dreams through age and injury

The Canadian hurdler has competed in three Olympic games. If Whyte has her way, Tokyo 2020 will be her fourth. But her quest has involved some major sacrifice.

What it took for one Vancouver man to finally become a dad

Shawn Thorn's lifelong dream was to be a dad. Now, after six failed embryo transfers, two miscarriages, and thousands of dollars, that dream is about to come true.

How a life-threatening condition transformed this mild-mannered office worker into a globetrotting hiker

Sara Dhooma suffered from a pulmonary embolism and nearly died. She decided to quit her job and hike on various trails around the world before another episode hits. But leaving her life behind to knock items off her bucket list isn't always easy for the people who love her.

Going all in

Meet Canadians who are risking their life savings, their relationships, even their health - to chase down an impossible dream.

Meet a mild-mannered Calgarian by day, Punjabi superstar by night

Neal Chatha is a laid back 28-year-old who lives in Calgary and likes to watch Star Wars. The PropheC is an international Punjabi music star who blends Indian music with modern day hip-hop.

What it takes to live a 'double life'

We all have sides of ourselves that aren't for everyone to know. Whether it's to fit in, to feel safe, or to protect your secret passion, there are many reasons that people choose to keep their identities separate.

The Nudge: Step outside of your comfort zone with Now or Never

Your first challenge: Get out of your social bubble.

How one young immigrant is reclaiming her identity by no longer anglicizing her name

Tanvi Bhatia has allowed people to mispronounce her name for most of her life. But now, she is making a conscious effort to correct and teach people how to properly say it.

What's in a name?

We all have a name. Some are chosen for us, others we choose for ourselves. Names can influence our identity or honour our family history, but they can also be a burden that require a lifetime of explanations. So what's in a name? Turns out, a lot more than we may realize.

This 9-year-old didn't see herself in any books, so her family wrote their own

9-year-old Julia Khaled couldn't find any kids books about wheelchair users like herself. So her family wrote their own - and now she looks for it at the library every time she's there.

How this 91-year-old library volunteer is bringing books to her fellow seniors

Nellie Befus of Calgary has been delivering books to people for decades. What started out as something to occupy her time has turned into a lifetime of volunteering.

Beyond the shelves: Discovering the magic in public libraries

There is so much more to a library than just the reading material it holds. Hosts Trevor Dineen and Ify Chiwetelu bring you into the brand new Calgary Central Library to discover all of the Now or Never moments happening inside.

I keep my mom's 30 year-old suicide note in my wallet ー and I'm not sure why

Corinne McDermott lost her mom to suicide 30 years ago. That night, her mom left a note for her ー one that she still carries in her wallet today.

For this Newfoundlander, a trip down memory lane in a model train

Homesick in Winnipeg, Karl Purchase decided to build a model train replica of his hometown. Now, decades later, Karl's memory is fading. It's been a year since he's seen little Corner Brook — until now.

How messages from the past can change the present

Whether it's an unearthed letter from an ancestor, a cassette tape message from a high school buddy, or meaningful note you can't bear to part with — old messages can truly transport us back in time and change the way we view the present.

Furry friends help residential school survivor fight off nightmares

Every week Vivian is woken up by nightmares because of her experience at residential school. The survivor depends on her cats to help her through those tough nights, and the medicine wheel to make it through the next day.

First-time mom says pregnancy made her a 'snoring machine'

Jenny Yuen’s pregnancy-induced snoring was keeping her husband awake. But with so many different solutions available, they’ve found a combination that works and may help other couples experiencing the same sleepless nights.

Finding sleep and safety after the 'nightmare' of meth addiction

The best night's sleep come when you feel at your most comfortable and safe. It's a feeling that Winnipeg's Myron Bateman didn't know for nearly twenty years.

Searching for a good night's sleep

Almost 50 per cent of Canadians say they have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and nearly a third of us just aren't getting enough each night. On this Now or Never, snuggle up beside people who are trying their best to get some much-needed shut-eye.

'You have to take ownership': Residential school survivor demands the Pope apologize

Evelyn Korkmaz wants the Pope to apologize for the sexual abuse she endured while she was a young student at a Roman Catholic run residential school.
Point of View

What I've learned about forgiveness as a sexual assault survivor

Tara Muldoon is waiting for an apology that may never come. But she continues to advocate for restorative justice, and has thought deeply about forgiveness along the way.

The Now or Never guide to saying you're sorry

Hear what makes a good apology from people on both sides: those working up the courage to say they're sorry, and those who desperately need to hear those words.

How I tried to stop my dad's road rage

Ann Lang has always found driving with her dad, Sheldon, stressful - and her mother has refused to get in the car with him. It's time for reinforcements.

Buckle up: Meet Canadians who are becoming better drivers

Getting behind the wheel is something most of us do every day - but how safe are we, really?

Photographer helps grieving families remember lost babies

Photographer Elisha Weger volunteers her time to take photos of stillborns and babies who have died in utero or shortly after birth. Despite the toll this kind of work takes, she does it to support families who say having a photo helps in their healing.