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Now or Never's 'Just Slow Down' playlist

Now or Never listeners, hosts, and producers share favourite songs that help them slow down and take a breath.
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My 'pandemic passion' is getting through the day 

Dara Squires can't slow down. As a working, single mom with three special needs kids and too many pets, she had a lot on her plate before the pandemic. Now as the people around her are taking time for yoga and sourdough, this Newfoundlander is feeling lonely and overwhelmed.

How to slow down

With so many of us working from home, the morning rush has disappeared. Cancelled activities means time on our hands. Closed businesses and layoffs may have us wondering what to do with ourselves. Find out how these Canadians are slowing down, and what they're learning about themselves in the process.

Love, laugh, lose: Getting fit with an unlikely YouTube health guru

The weight loss industry is filled with promises of quick fixes. But Leigh Anne Shafer, a statistician from Winnipeg, is motivated to lose weight in a way that is slow but sustainable. And she wants to share it with the world.

What are you doing for the good of your health?

Meet Canadians from all walks of life who are taking their first, tentative steps to improving their physical and mental health.

WATCH | Trevor Dineen tackles his most-feared piece of gym equipment

'I've never attempted what I have deemed to be the devil's gym machine. That is, until now.'

'It controls my life': How a military veteran manages his PTSD by helping others

Chris Dupee spent nearly 10 years serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, including an eight-month tour in Afghanistan. When he came home, PTSD took over his life.
Now or Never

Create your own 'Now or Never list' and start getting things done

Want to get the most of the year ahead? Now or Never is here to help. Just answer a few nosy questions, and voilà, you'll have your own personalized Now or Never list to tape to your fridge.

How is the pandemic changing what's on your dinner plate?

​​​​​​​COVID-19 has forced many Canadians to re-think their relationship to food.

Want to make your own ice cream during the pandemic? Get a goat

A couple on a remote B.C. island is urging residents to keep goats to maintain food sustainability during the pandemic.

Why I'm trying to convince my parents to eat less meat, one recipe at a time

Mickal Aranha has been trying to convince her traditional, Latin American parents to eat less meat. As you might imagine, it hasn't been easy.

My mom gave me a vintage fleece and a sense of adventure

My mom's hot pink Patagonia fleece has helped me feel connected to my mom - and our shared sense of adventure - since the pandemic started.

How writing 'pandemic poetry' is helping me cope

After a decade away from poetry, musician Brendan McLeod has discovered that writing poems can help him make sense of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What's old is new again: How the pandemic is inspiring people to reuse everything

Being stuck between the same four walls has given some people a newfound appreciation for the objects around them.

How small towns are coping with COVID-19

While many Canadians remain sheltered-in-place in cities and urban centres, rural and remote communities across the country have been fighting back against COVID-19 in their own unique ways.

Why this Ontario man decided to live at his small town grocery store

Mike Carter of Milverton, Ont. has been living in a trailer behind his grocery store since early April.
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The North Preston I know isn't the one you've heard about

"The people of North Preston shine so bright that even in darkness, light continues to break through," says Kardeisha Provo of North Preston, Nova Scotia.

The Now or Never (physically distant) talent show!

Just because theatres have shut their doors and music venues are quiet doesn't mean people aren't performing their hearts out.
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I know this is a pandemic but I'm gonna need you to laugh

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, performing standup comedy alone in a park helped me feel like my old self again.

What has physical distancing inspired you to learn?

It's been about a month since many Canadians started physical distancing, and the new normal comes with a learning curve. Find out how people from across the country are facing the challenges and seizing the opportunity to stretch their skills and try something new.

When cancer and COVID-19 collide: Teen steps up to care for mom

When Leslie McDermott was diagnosed with breast cancer, friends rallied to support the single mom. But since COVID-19 and physical distancing rules hit, that circle of support had to shrink. Now her daughter, Madeline, is learning new skills so she can care for her mom.

In defence of doing nothing

As Now or Never celebrates people learning new things during forced isolation, host Ify Chiwetelu reminds us that if all you did was wake up today, that's OK. Sometimes stillness is exactly what you need.

Snapshots of a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has turned many of our day-to-day activities into a series of Now or Never moments.

Chief desperate to keep COVID-19 away from First Nation

Chief Albert Thunder is losing sleep, worrying that COVID-19 could come to Whitefish First Nation. He's introduced strict new security measures and is using social media to both plead with and try to enforce physical distancing, all in an effort to protect the community he sees as a tight knit family.

What it's like to be married to a doctor on the COVID-19 front line

'If I let myself think about the potential risks and potential outcomes, I would have a meltdown,' says Jill Lansky of what it's like supporting a partner on the COVID-19 front line.