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Want to declutter? You should try the Swedish 'Death Purge'

'Döstädning' means 'death cleaning' or 'death purge', and it's what Swedish people do to save their relatives from sorting out their personal belongings after they die.
Now or Never

Indigenous releasing ceremony treats trauma and mental health issues

Mandi Howard, a Mi'kmaq woman who experienced abuse as a child, receives psychological support from an Indigenous elder - and goes through a releasing ceremony.

After friend's death, former soldier vows to help struggling vets

Since his friend's death by suicide last year, retired corporal Josh Muir seeks to help other veterans struggling with the loss of identity that can come with leaving the military.

Just ditch it

Meet Canadians who are lightening their load and getting rid of the things they don't need anymore - from a comic book collection, to shame, to a portrait of your great-grandmother.

Finding a sense of family, after years in foster homes, a street gang and prison

Darcy Belanger was born into a life of abuse, neglect and poverty. Joining a gang gave him the sense of family he was missing. When he became a father behind bars, he began to see things differently.

Who is your chosen family?

This episode of Now or Never looks at why we create chosen families, how they survive now or never moments, and how they sustain us.

Cancer patient uses her bald head as a canvas for incredible art

'One day I was sitting in my art studio, hooked up to a bag full of saline and gravol to keep me from being sick, and I realized I was surrounded by all of my arts and craft supplies.'

You'll go nuts over these photos of squirrels doing human things

Debbie Vokey sets up intricate dioramas, waits for squirrels to arrive, and takes pictures out of her kitchen window.

Photographer helps grieving families remember lost babies

Photographer Elisha Weger volunteers her time to take photos of stillborns and babies who have died in utero or shortly after birth. Despite the toll this kind of work takes, she does it to support families who say having a photo helps in their healing.

Capturing the moment

On this episode of Now or Never, meet people who are capturing life's most meaningful moments through pictures.

Let's talk about sex

Sex is everywhere. But do we talk about it enough? On this Now or Never, eavesdrop on the awkward, vulnerable, and honest conversations people are having about sex.

'Mom, I have been working with sex workers'

'Telling my mother that I work with sex workers, as a disabled man, has pushed me to be more open about who I am in my everyday life,' writes Andrew Gurza.

'I don't want to become a grandfather at 34': Talking to my teenager about sex

'I found out that my son's mother was pregnant when I was 16 years old, the age he is right now. I want to let my son know: we're going to keep talking about sex,' writes Lenard Monkman.

How this polyamorous couple makes their marriage work

Jeremie Saunders and Bryde MacLean open up about their relationship, including what she did when her husband told her he was falling in love with someone else.

Tenille Campbell's Indigenous, intimate #IndianLovePoems

From bannock bums to hickeys, to one-night-stands and dating white men, there are few things that are off limits in Tenille Campbell’s poetry.

Can't kick your smartphone habit? Try mindfulness meditation

'The idea is the faster we are at noticing our urges, the less likely we'll be to helplessly act on them and the more quickly they'll pass.'

Meet the Toronto woman challenging herself to go on 50 dates

Michelle Gibson is trying to overcome social anxiety by taking a plunge into the deep end of the dating pool.

CBC Radio hosts challenge each other to bust out of their winter ruts

Change begins when you get out of your comfort zone. That's why Now or Never hosts Trevor and Ify decided to challenge their routines and emerge from their ruts this winter.

It's time to get out of your rut

Feeling stuck? Tune in for advice from people who are digging themselves out and changing things up.

The 40-year-old learner: A CBC host finally gets behind the wheel

Pete Morey is the guest host of CBC Music's Drive. Ironic, since he is only now testing for a licence. But there is a good reason: his friends Mike and Sara were both killed in a tragic accident on a lonely stretch of highway.

'And then, the bear got up': A young Inuk's harrowing rite of passage

Jack Allakariallak has been on hunting trips since he was 2 weeks old. He started with small game like ptarmigan and arctic hare, but as he got older he set his sights on harvesting a polar bear.

At this graduation powwow, Indigenous students celebrate their achievements and culture

2018 marked the largest number of Indigenous students getting their diplomas from the University of Manitoba. Now or Never met two of them at the 29th Annual Traditional Graduation Powwow in Winnipeg.

What rite of passage are you facing right now?

Rites of passage mark the end of the life you've known and the beginning of something new. Life is peppered with these transitional moments: some of them you look forward to, others you dread.

How I stopped trying to fit in and embraced my Malaysian identity

If you don't like the Tragically Hip, are you really Canadian? Shazlin Rahman struggled to fit in with Canadian culture, until her grandmother showed her how to embrace her Malaysian identity.

Why this out-of-work reporter decided to start her own small town print newspaper

Melissa Schneider lost her job when her newspaper shut down. So, she decided to start her own paper.