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The special meaning of things made by hand

The process of learning and doing things by hand can teach you a lot about yourself — it's not just the finished product that matters.

Overwhelming response to 'Quilts for Survivors' of residential schools

Vanessa Genier wanted to make 18 quilts for residential school survivors. But response was so strong now she and volunteers have made more than 750.

'Stump Kitchen' celebrates limb difference while making delicious food

After learning how to use her stump as a cooking tool, Alexis Hillyard launched Stump Kitchen, a YouTube channel all about celebrating diverse bodies and challenging perspectives of what's possible.

You'll go nuts over these photos of squirrels doing human things

Debbie Vokey sets up intricate dioramas, waits for squirrels to arrive, and takes pictures out of her kitchen window.

Humans vs. Nature: Close encounters with the natural world

When humans and nature collide, you never know what will happen.

'Alright raccoons, this means war': Andrew Phung's epic battle with garbage bandits

For the past two years, a gang of raccoons has been terrorizing Kim's Convenience star Andrew Phung.
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How backpacking in the Rockies made me rethink having kids

As I gazed upon the majesty of Mount Robson, I wondered if my kids would even have the opportunity to view these shrinking glaciers due to the climate crisis, writes Hafsa Salihue.

How this Edmonton therapist is using play to help kids heal

Jon Jon Rivero turned his love of play into a trauma-informed care practice, helping kids overcome challenges with play therapy. But his approach started as a kid, growing up with a sick parent and a love of Bruce Lee.

Meet a group of teenagers from Lethbridge who fight dragons in their spare time

Every Wednesday evening, facilitated by the Lethbridge Public Library, a group of teenagers - most of whom have never met in person - gather online to play the classic roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.

Come play! Here's why you should add more play to your life, at any age

Play connects us with a key part of ourselves, that gets lost in the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life.
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I cast my mom in a film — and learned about our family history along the way

Growing up, Jackie Batsinduka knew not to ask her mom about the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. But when she cast her mom in a film, Batsinduka writes it opened the door to honest conversations about their heritage.

Fill in the blanks: How asking questions about the past moves us forward

This week on Now or Never, meet people who are digging into the past to do the vulnerable work of filling in the blanks in their personal histories.

How I found my voice: Meet 5 people fighting to be heard

These Canadians are all going outside their comfort zones to find their voice - both literally and metaphorically. 

How gender-affirming voice therapy allowed this woman to be truly herself

'I want the world to see me and hear me the way I see and hear myself,' says Terri Coolen.

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Where are your two wheels taking you?

Ify and Trevor trade in office chairs for bike seats to discover the big moments people are facing on two wheels.

How a Cree-Sikh biker brought together a cross-cultural ride for reconciliation

After the discovery of unmarked burial sites at former residential schools in Canada, Bava Dhillon took to his motorcycle. Using his Cree-Sikh background, he brought hundreds of bikers together in a solidarity ride to the site of one of those schools.

Changing the culture of hockey

Lately, a lot of serious questions are being asked about hockey - around diversity, bullying, hazing, and concussions. Meet five Canadians who are fighting to change the culture of the game they love so much. 

Preparing for my kids' hockey season… during racial unrest and a global pandemic

'If I wear a Black Lives Matter shirt to the arena, what does that mean for my children?,' asks Debora Barkun.

They lost their children to opioids, now these moms have something to say

After connecting over the loss of their children, two Thunder Bay, Ont., moms are now looking for others to join them in their efforts to break down the stigma around addiction, and advocate for change.

How to fight back against shame and stigma

There is a lot to be gained by fighting back against feelings of shame. Meet people who are confronting stigma and seeing what's on the other side.

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Personal Essay

Accepting my queer identity through gaming

Gamer Nicholas Raffoul is able to explore and embrace his own sexuality through the virtual reality of The Sims.
First Person

I started wearing my Filipina culture on my sleeve to give me strength at city hall

Growing up in Edmonton, Rajah Maggay felt disconnected from her Filipino roots. Turning to traditional clothing for comfort, she found strength in her identity.
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My husband died when I was 40. I found solace and friendship with young widows

When her husband died from an opioid overdose, Sarah Keast writes she found herself searching for women her age who'd understand her grief.