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Reaching out: To strangers, long-lost friends and potential lovers

There are countless excuses to not reach out to somebody. But until you do, you'll never know what you're missing.

How international student roommates are helping a Kelowna man fight loneliness

When international students Sele Akere and Dipo Oksesola saw an ad for a room to rent in Kelowna, they thought it was a scam by a tough biker. But they reached out anyway and discovered Bill Pittman is really a big softie... and that they probably saved Bill’s life.

Will I ever feel like an adult?

You've moved out. Maybe you've even graduated, got married, and had kids. So why don't you feel grown up? And what does it even MEAN to be an adult? Our guests are trying to figure that out.

'I feel like I'm not old enough to be here': A daughter's dispatch from her first week of university

Lana Ciarniello is dealing with an empty nest after both of her kids moved away from home. She checks in with 18-year-old Jasmine in her first week at university, to find that her daughter is also struggling with this leap into adulthood.
First Person

I've got a licence but am afraid to drive. Am I even a grown-up?

The shame of relying on others to drive her places makes Ummni Khan feel like she’s stuck in a permanent state of childhood.

Caring for Dad: how my sister and I are sharing the load

Amy Coupal is the primary caregiver for her 86-year-old dad Charles, while her sister lives three provinces away. As the CEO of the Ontario Caregivers Association and someone going through it, Amy offers advice on how to make it work.

Here's how to stay connected when you're far from home

Meet people who are finding meaningful ways to stay connected to home, whether they're separated by a province or an ocean.

The Power of Drag: Queens and kings giving it all as their art is under attack

Drag has never been more popular. But with this increased visibility has come backlash, in the form of hate.

Drag helped me find myself and talk about gender with my son

As a drag king, Marisa Grant is challenging expectations around masculinity and sharing those lessons with their son.

When a drag show at his school was cancelled, this 16-year-old created his own

When 16-year-old Ra'Jah heard a drag show and anti-bullying event was coming to his Sudbury high school, he was thrilled. So when it was cancelled by the school board, he wasn't going to let it happen — and threw his own drag show.

It takes two to make a thing go right

You know that feeling when someone really gets you? It could be a partner, a friend, a co-worker - and together, you feel like you can move mountains. Meet some dynamic duos who are getting things done that wouldn't be possible on their own.

The big decision: Meet people making life-changing choices

Studies have said that we make up to 35,000 decisions a day. And while some are so small we hardly think of them at all, others can be life changing.

'I miss motherhood, but I also fear it': Author grapples with having kids again after death of daughters

When she was 30, Clare McBride's daughters — age four and six — were killed by an impaired driver. Now, in the final instalment of the CBC Manitoba series "Should I have kids?" McBride wrestles with the question of whether to start again as a mother.

Love in Italy, adventure in China, and seeing the world before her kids go blind

Whether it's living out your dreams as a performer in Beijing, or experiencing love-at-first on an Italian beach, these Canadians are going through big 'now or never' moments around the world.

What a delight! One hour of stories to bring you joy

From a woman who dresses up like 'a walking bag of Skittles' to a dad moved to tears hearing Tupac for the first time, these are the stories that are delighting us right now.

'This was her church. This is a place that held her when she was in really tough spots in her life'

When she found out her Mom had terminal brain cancer and didn't have long to live, Lindsay Somers took Monday and Thursday afternoons off, and took her Mom outside.

Adult hide-and-seek, nature therapy and other reasons you should visit a park this weekend

In the past two years, over half of Canadian cities have seen increased park use. Parks have become a lifeline: places of connection, community and surprise.

My side of the call: Confessions of a call centre worker

From the moment she starts work in the morning, Lisa braces herself, never knowing the kind of abuse she'll be faced with as a call centre collections officer. This is what she wishes people understood about her side of the call.

From hockey organists to undertakers: Pulling back the curtain on invisible jobs

Every day, people are doing important work behind-the-scenes that isn't always recognized.

In praise of mediocrity

Forget the pursuit of excellence. Why it's sometimes OK to settle for 'good enough.'

What's your origin story? Revisiting the life-altering moments that change everything

An origin story can begin like a lightning strike, or a smoldering spark. What was the moment that turned you into the person you are today?

Why a first-time parent decided to adopt a 20-year-old

Shannon Culkeen said asking an adult to be her kid felt like proposing, for parenthood.

Internet Famous: Meet the viral creators who are sharing their joys, fears and passions online

From Indigenous TikTok to sharing life with Alzheimer's, here are the accounts you should be following.

Caring for my sister with Alzheimer's is hard. We've found solace in making TikToks

Caring for her sister with Alzheimer’s is the hardest thing Jean Collins has ever done. That’s why the pair are sharing the highs and lows of their journey on TikTok.
Now or Never

Peek over the fence: The surprising things really going on in backyards

From granny suites to wrestling rings, Canadians are making the most out of their outdoor spaces.