Now or Neverwith Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen


What's making you dance right now?

Grab your dance shoes, wiggle those hips, and hit the dance floor with Canadians who have deeply personal reasons for getting their groove on.

From choir robe to ballroom: Why one Toronto dancer gave up church for the love of voguing

After Twysted Miyake-Mugler discovered the art of voguing, he used the dance form as a way to express himself as a gay black man.

Raising my son to dance, against the odds

Fifteen-year-old Theland Kicknosway is bringing hoop dancing into the 21st century after being raised to love dance by his mother Elaine, a 60s scoop survivor and women's traditional dancer.

We need to talk about organ donation

On this Now or Never, we take you into the lives of people who are directly impacted by the fact that Canada has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the world.

'It felt like home': Sister hears her brother's heartbeat two years after his death

Just a few hours into their first face-to-face meeting, Robert Buttle opened his shirt, and Jodi Loder put her ear to his chest. It was her first time hearing her brother's heartbeat since he died by suicide in July 2016.

8 years in limbo, Winnipeg family waits for a kidney

Blair Waldvogel has been on dialysis and waiting for a kidney transplant for more than eight years. Find out how it's affected his whole family, and what they dream of doing once he finally get the call they've all been waiting for.

Care to donate? How to become an organ donor

After hearing first hand stories on Now or Never, we hope that more people will think about registering to be a donor or giving blood.

For this Newfoundlander, a trip down memory lane in a model train

Homesick in Winnipeg, Karl Purchase decided to build a model train replica of his hometown. Now, decades later, Karl's memory is fading. It's been a year since he's seen little Corner Brook — until now.
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I keep my mom's 30 year-old suicide note in my wallet ー and I'm not sure why

Corinne McDermott lost her mom to suicide 30 years ago. That night, her mom left a note for her ー one that she still carries in her wallet today.

How messages from the past can change the present

Whether it's an unearthed letter from an ancestor, a cassette tape message from a high school buddy, or meaningful note you can't bear to part with — old messages can truly transport us back in time and change the way we view the present.

Beyond thoughts and prayers: Ottawa woman greets her Muslim neighbours with cards of hope

When Erin Beasley woke up to the news of the Christchurch mosque shootings, she felt like she had been 'hit in the stomach.' Sad, upset and shaken up, she turned to social media to find a way to show support and compassion.

Building bridges and finding hope

On this Now or Never, meet people from different communities who are building bridges and finding hope as they meet in the middle.

Circles for Reconciliation is reconciliation in action

The premise is simple: a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people meet 10 times, sit in a circle, and talk. What they talk about, however, is anything but simple.

How I tried to stop my dad's road rage

Ann Lang has always found driving with her dad, Sheldon, stressful - and her mother has refused to get in the car with him. It's time for reinforcements.

Buckle up: Meet Canadians who are becoming better drivers

Getting behind the wheel is something most of us do every day - but how safe are we, really?
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What I've learned about forgiveness as a sexual assault survivor

Tara Muldoon is waiting for an apology that may never come. But she continues to advocate for restorative justice, and has thought deeply about forgiveness along the way.

'You have to take ownership': Residential school survivor demands the Pope apologize

Evelyn Korkmaz wants the Pope to apologize for the sexual abuse she endured while she was a young student at a Roman Catholic run residential school.

The Now or Never guide to saying you're sorry

Hear what makes a good apology from people on both sides: those working up the courage to say they're sorry, and those who desperately need to hear those words.

How do you feel about your body?

Social media and selfies make it easy to constantly compare our bodies to everyone around us. On this Now or Never, meet people who are fighting back and loving the bodies they're in.

Love Starved: Filmmaker explores her lifelong struggle with body image

A doctor labelled Allison Stevens as obese at just three years old. Now 34, Stevens is working to grapple with the shame and hate she feels towards her body — and herself.

#DisabledPeopleAreHot: Viral hashtag sparks conversation about sexuality and disability

According to creator Andrew Gurza, the hashtag 'aims to really give disabled people agency over their bodies and play with the fact that we can be sexualized if we choose to.'

How this father of three is fighting his bad body image

Cole Wight, 30, feels despair over how he looks in the mirror — so he turned to the Now or Never 'You Got This' group for advice.

Montreal man tries to fight drug addiction with mixed martial arts

Musician Matthew Leddy has been struggling with substance abuse issues since he was 14. After two decades of addiction, he's fighting to change his life.

How this stay-at-home father is trying to be a different kind of dad

David Bacque doesn't believe his father, who passed away in 2007, would approve of how he's parenting.

A taste of coexistence: How a Palestinian and an Israeli found friendship through food

While race, religion and politics can often be divisive topics, food tends to unite. For Haitham El Khatib, a Palestinian Muslim, and Itamar Shani, an Israeli Jew, their love of cooking and sharing food is what brought them together.