Now or Never with Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen


Hours to go before I sleep: My ongoing battle with insomnia

Now or Never host Trevor Dineen has battled insomnia for most of his life. Now, after weeks of less than 3 hours of sleep a night, he's trying to fight back.

Still stripping: Virtual show allows exotic dancers to return to the stage

The Only Fans page Cellar Door provides a strip club alternative during the pandemic, but it's not enough to pay the bills.

What's keeping you up? What Canadians are doing in the middle of the night

For millions of Canadians - night shift workers, insomniacs and new parents - when the sun goes down, they're just getting started.

Northern Saskatchewan community using traditional fiddling to prepare youth for future

Principal Darryl Flett had a wake up moment after a number of youth died by suicide in 2016. Now fiddles are a part of connecting local youth to their culture.

The musical instrument that changed my life

Playing an instrument can keep you company when you're lonely, help you grieve, keep your mind sharp - and bring joy at a time of increased isolation. Meet Canadians who are learning a new instrument and making some surprising discoveries along the way.

Why a first-time parent decided to adopt a 20-year-old

Shannon Culkeen said asking an adult to be her kid felt like proposing, for parenthood.

The journey of adoption

In honour of adoption awareness month, Now or Never is diving into the deeply personal, sometimes messy, ever-changing experience of adoption.

Winnipeg veteran helps man who stabbed him change his life

Jonny Meikle was hailed as a hero after he was stabbed while stopping Devon Henderson from attacking another passenger on a bus. But instead of being angry, Meikle got curious, and when he learned Henderson's story he knew he had to help Henderson change his life.

Finding strength in the circle

Meet the men of Strength in the Circle, a group of young Indigenous guys in Winnipeg who are supporting each other as they heal from their pasts - and who are determined to build a better future.

Building a body-positive family: Lessons from a childhood with disordered eating

Having struggled with body image for much of her life, Reena Parekh is a fitness coach focused on body positivity and motherhood.

How are you making it right?

There are many ways to make it right. But it's not always easy.

This Edmonton comedian is getting a big break, but the timing could be better

Comedian Sterling Scott is set to record his first U.S. TV comedy sspecial, nine months after a forced break from the stage due to COVID and the death of a close friend. Counting down to a life-changing moment

This week Now or Never is numbering the days with people counting down to big life-changing moments

A pair of new parents face uncertainty from both sides of a border

Indefinite citizenship delays continue to separate a husband in Michigan from his wife and daughter in Alberta.

How a Truth and Reconciliation commissioner learned to say 'I love you' after residential school

Two men, one a survivor of residential school, and another whose parents survived it, had to learn how to say "I love you" to their families after years of not hearing those words.

Finding a way forward through tragedy and grief

Family tragedy, personal struggles, news cycles that can feel too hard to take — through it all, we just keep going. On this episode we're sharing stories from five Canadians who are searching for a way forward through tragedy, grief, and personal challenges.


First Person

I'm learning to love my body despite my family's criticism

Robbie Ambrosio's family has never hesitated to call him fat, a tendency he says is common in Filipino culture. Now he's working to find a way to heal from the impact of years of criticism.

How to embrace the body you're in

Meet people who are fighting back against body shame, and learning to embrace the body they're in.
First Person

My top surgery wasn't what I imagined, but it helped me accept myself

After a surgery to remove breast tissue and create a flatter chest, Eagan Johnston began reconnecting with their body, even though the results were not quite what they had in mind.
First Person

How an old photo led me to apologize to my former best friend

JP Hoe and Andrew Kushnir were best friends as teens, but when Andrew tried to come out to JP, things got awkward. Now more than 20 years later, they're talking about it.

Who do you need to reconnect with?

We've all had the experience of losing touch with friends or family members. Meet Canadians who are taking a risk to reconnect with someone from their past.

How to fight for joy

The last year and a half has been hard to deal with. So how do you find moments of joy through grief, oppression and uncertainty? You fight for it.

What window cleaners see while dangling from a skyscraper

Noah Nava has been window cleaning in Edmonton for less than a month, but already he's hanging hundreds of metres in the air.

Up in the air

Tired of being grounded? This week Now or Never is taking you up in the air.
First Person

From the fire tower: a lookout's view of Alberta wilderness

Trina Moyles has learned new ways to see her surrounding landscape after six seasons of watching for fires in northwestern Alberta.