Now or Never with Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen


'I think you're having a stroke, ma'am': Thanking the lifeguard who saved my life

Dianna Rasing got the rare opportunity to thank the young woman who saved her from drowning, exactly one year after it happened.
First Person

I started my education at residential school. At 58, I've finally graduated

Vivian Ketchum was five years old when she was taken to residential school. She reflects on what it means to finally finish high school.

Celebrating everyday heroes

They may not wear capes, but they're the everyday heroes who tackle challenges and quietly make our community better. Today we celebrate them.

Exploring a new prosthetic and gender identity, one step at a time.

Three months ago, Marie Watson had a below-the-knee amputation on one of their legs. Today, they're not only adjusting to life with different mobility — but also newly exploring their gender identity. We join Marie at West Park Healthcare Centre as they take their first steps with their new prosthetic.

Accessibility in action: Meet people fighting for access to a full life

When the pandemic struck, many people thought of accessibility in a way they hadn't before. Now that things are opening back up, how much will accessibility be prioritized?

Climbing while blind: How this 79-year-old rock climber sees nature through her fingertips

Myra Rodrigues lost her sight as a young child. But that hasn't stopped her from taking up rock-climbing in her 70s, and encouraging other people with vision loss to do the same.
First Person

I'm queer and disabled. Pride isn't accessible for me

Being a queer and disabled person brings Karli Drew immeasurable joy, but she says Pride events are usually inaccessible for people like her.

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First Person

After my leg injury, I quit standup comedy. Then I realized comedy is my pain relief

After an injury affected her mobility, comedian Andie Hong re-evaluated her life and compared it to her siblings back in South Korea. But she came back to comedy as it was her pain relief.

From roller-skating to old flames: reigniting passions and why you should too

There are many reasons why we walk away from things that we once loved - whether it's a career, a relationship or a hobby. On this episode of Now or Never, you'll meet people making their way back to them, and reigniting the passion they once had.

Not all fun and games: How a board game inventor learned to balance work and family

Conor McGoey spends his life inventing fun as a board game designer, but his family has had to wait their turn too often and for too long. Now he's trying to change that.

Everyday innovators, inventors, and how to not give up on your idea

They see a problem, it sparks an idea and they go all in to make it come true. Meet the inventors and find out what it takes to bring their creations to life.

'More than a carrying device': tikinagan maker works to bring back tradition

Tikinagan, or cradleboards, were used by First Nations across North America for centuries, but now it's hard to find anyone who can make them. Shannon Gustafson is bringing them back with DIY kits and sharing the knowledge and traditions that come with them.

She was bullied, now she's a superhero

When nine-year-old Michelle Luis was bullied at school, mom Daniela knew she had to help. She sent out the signal to the Superhero Project and their 'League of Extraordinary Artists' who volunteer to draw children who are ill or living with special needs as the superheroes of their imaginations.

The power of the pencil: Why we should all draw more

A well-crafted drawing, sketch or painting can send a powerful message with just a single glance.
First Person

I've spent my whole life pretending to be non-disabled

Abi Oyewole felt she had to hide her non-visible disabilities because people assumed she was faking them.

What it takes to 'fake it', and the impact deception can have on your life

What does it mean to be real? We are living in a world where it's hard to know what's true and what's not.

Adult hide-and-seek, nature therapy and other reasons you should visit a park this weekend

In the past two years, over half of Canadian cities have seen increased park use. Parks have become a lifeline: places of connection, community and surprise.

'This was her church. This is a place that held her when she was in really tough spots in her life'

When she found out her Mom had terminal brain cancer and didn't have long to live, Lindsay Somers took Monday and Thursday afternoons off, and took her Mom outside.

Jobs, drugs and religion: why these people are calling it quits

When a situation is no longer serving you, there can be power in walking away and throwing in the towel.

'It's been a long road': mother and daughter get real about what it takes to quit meth

Kaitlin (last name withheld) returns to visit her family farm for Mother's Day weekend and sits down with her mom Sharon to talk about Kaitlin's struggle to quit meth over the past seven years, and the toll it's taken on both of them.

Why this frontline nurse quit to become a long-haul trucker

After being attacked by a patient, New Brunswick nurse Leah Gorham knew it was time for a change - so she became a long-haul trucker.

Fear factor: What it takes to face what scares you

Whether it's dogs, death or bobsled crashes, meet people who are determined to overcome their fears.

How a Bangladeshi Canadian is facing her fear of dogs — and reclaiming her life

As a child, Zana Shammi had a traumatic encounter with a street dog. Now she’s determined to conquer her phobia, for her dog-loving partner and for herself.

'How will I move on without you?': What I learned when I talked to my parents about death

'There were many questions I didn't have answers to, like: Are you prepared for aging? How do you feel about death? When would you want us to pull the plug?'