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Home is where the puck is

Brigette Lacquette, the first First Nations player on Team Canada, knew she'd have to leave her small Manitoba community to fulfil her dream of playing hockey.
Brigette Lacquette would practice with her dad on their outdoor rink in Mallard, Manitoba.

In many ways, hockey dictates where Brigette Lacquette (Cote First Nation) calls home.

She grew up in the rural Metis community of Mallard, Manitoba, which meant lots of time in the car with her family and her hockey bag.

Brigette says she was just a kid when she realized girls couldn't play in the NHL, so she set her sights on playing on Team Canada instead.

"I didn't actually think it was realistic," she says. "I always thought, why would they pick a girl from Mallard, Manitoba?"

She knew she would have to leave home in order to make her dream a reality. And she did, starting at as a teenager.

It's a sacrifice that paid off. This year Brigette became the first First Nations player on the women's national team.

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