Coming of age through ceremony and comedy

Chad Anderson grew up in The Pas, Manitoba, and was adopted by a non-Native family when he was young. So how did he finally connect with his heritage? Through ceremony and comedy.
Photo courtesy Stan Wesley

At 27 years old, Chad Anderson is carving out a life as a comedian in Winnipeg.

But let's take a step back. Chad grew up in The Pas, Manitoba, and was adopted by a non-native family when he was young. As a kid, he didn't have many chances to feel connected to his heritage and his people.

"It was definitely tough," said Anderson. "I didn't identify as aboriginal growing up." 

But as he entered his twenties and began to struggle with addiction, Chad realized that there was something missing from his life. So he started to explore his indigenous identity. 

"This is who I am, I need to learn more about this and experience it," said Anderson. "I didn't really get the opportunity until I got sober." 

Eventually, Chad escaped the cycle of addiction and started to build a life that included culture. 

So - just a few weeks ago - when his friend Paul invited him to attend his first-ever Sundance ceremony, Chad jumped at the chance.

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