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Talking sex, and fighting HIV, with aboriginal youth

What does it mean for sexual health to be 'culturally safe'? According to Jessica St. Jean, today's sex ed isn't relevant to aboriginal youth.
Jessica St. Jean (Courtesy YouthCo)

We can't do an episode all about dating without talking about sex. 

At 29, Jessica St. Jean talks sexual health and sexuality every day. She's the force behind Yúusnewas, a Vancouver program that runs sexual health workshops specifically for aboriginal youth - with a focus on addressing HIV and Hepatitis C. 

According to Jessica, there's a long way to go in making sure that sex ed is 'culturally relevant' to aboriginal youth. The first step? Let aboriginal youth educate each other about sex.

We didn't learn about sex from Christopher Columbus - we're definitely capable of teaching this to each other.- Jessica St. Jean

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