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Finding both romance and racism on Grindr

When Jarret Leaman signed up for the dating app, Grindr, he was looking for romance...not racism.
Jarret Leaman (courtesy Jarret Leaman)

Jarret Leaman identifies as a gay native guy. And, like a lot of gay men, he uses the social dating app Grindr when searching for love. But he's encountered more than just romance on the dating app... Jarret's also found racism.

Jarret also weighs in on the idea of 'dating native', and what that means for indigenous members of the LGBT community.

Growing up in Magnetawan First Nation, he was raised with the notion that prioritising relationships between aboriginal peoples is important - and today, living in downtown Toronto, Jarret still looks for an indigenous partner. 

In the LGBT community, is it still 'date native'?- Jarret Leaman

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