SEASON FINALE | Young and Indigenous in the city

For the final episode of the New Fire season, three millennials discuss how they are combining urban and Indigenous cultures.
Kyle Edwards, Lisa Charleyboy, Jade Willoughby and Nanook Gordon gathered to talk about being Indigenous in the city. (CBC)

It's a bit cliché to move to the big city and "find yourself" — but that's exactly what New Fire host Lisa Charleyboy did

And she's not alone. Many Indigenous youth are doing the same.

So for the final episode of the New Fire season, we invited three millennials to the studio to talk about how they are combining urban and Indigenous cultures.

Nanook Gordon is Inuit from Inuvik, N.W.T., and has lived in Toronto for over 15 years. Nanook is competitive in taekwondo, and you can also find them doing performance art in their spare time.

Kyle Edwards is Anishinaabe and grew up on Lake Manitoba First Nation. He's a proud member of Ebb and Flow First Nation, and he just graduated from the journalism program at Ryerson University in Toronto. 

Jade Willoughby is Jamaican and Ojibway from Whitesand First Nation. She's also an international model, a youth advocate, and is training to be a hoop dancer. Jade has lived in Thunder Bay, Toronto, and New York City — but her favourite place to be is back home on the land.