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A tense moment with the Prime Minister

'There were other Indigenous peoples that were telling me to respect this man, to shut up basically. That I didn't deserve to stand up.'

SEASON FINALE | Young and Indigenous in the city

For the final episode of the New Fire season, three millennials discuss how they are combining urban and Indigenous cultures.
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How international model Jade Willoughby stays grounded in culture and tradition

'This life that I’m pursuing is so inherently the opposite of the life that I’ve grown up knowing.'

WATCH | Indigenous youth offer stories from life in the city

Artist Nanook Gordon, model Jade Willoughby and journalist Kyle Edwards talk about their experiences navigating the urban jungle - and offer tips for how to stay grounded.

Lisa Charleyboy: How I found my culture in the heart of the city

'There's this stereotype that culture is directly tied to the land, but that certainly wasn't my experience at all. I found my culture in Toronto — nowhere near my traditional territory.'

Indigenous youth are standing up and speaking out

When you're young, it can take a lot of time and effort to find your voice — to feel like you can stand up alongside the grown-ups and speak your mind.

How Riley Yesno gained the courage to speak up for Indigenous rights

Growing up in the small fly-in community of Eabametoong First Nation, Riley Yesno never imagined she'd become an advocate for Indigenous people.

PLAYLIST | Lisa Charleyboy's summer soundtrack

In honour of our episode about music - and because it's prime time for summer soundtracks - Lisa Charleyboy shares her 2017 warm-weather playlist.

Music is giving voice to Indigenous youth

Meet Indigenous youth who are finding deeper meaning in music — and finding their voices along the way.
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How Kelly Fraser is revitalizing Inuktitut with Rihanna

For Fraser, singing in Inuktitut is an ear-catching way to bring her language and her culture to those who may have lost it.

WATCH | Grey Gritt is finding their voice

On Grey Gritt's website it proudly states in big, bold letters: 'Indigenous. Queer. Francophone. Songster.'

Indigenous teens in Surrey come together through music

The high school students started the songwriting process with a single question: What does it mean to be an Indigenous student in Surrey, B.C.?

The surprising bonds between Indigenous siblings

Meet Indigenous siblings who have thought hard about what it means to be a brother or a sister — and who are sticking close through good times and bad.

'No one messes with my sister but me'

Melody and Lylee Horn are sisters who have each other's backs — both on and off the soccer field.

Born with two bodies, sharing one heart

Tapwewin and Pawaken are a pair of 11-year-old Cree twins who are trying to make sense of the world, their family and their unique relationship with each other.

Meet two brothers that share a special connection... and a kidney

'Literally I'm a part of him. He's carrying my kidney. That's something that a lot of brothers don't get to say. It makes me grateful to have that connection with him.'

Taking bannock from the kitchen to the classroom

Violet Nelson grew up watching her mom make bannock. Then one day, her mom agreed to show her how it's done. Now Nelson is teaching her high school classmates the family recipe.

Q & A | How I am trying to fulfil my mom's last request

Ntawnis Piapot's mother, Elvina, passed away six years ago following a battle with HIV/AIDS. But before she left, she made her expectations for her daughter very clear.

WATCH | 'Declutter': a short film about intergenerational strength

One Saturday morning, filmmaker Madison Thomas has a revelation: she’s just like her mother.

Walking in the footsteps of your family

Meet four young, Indigenous women who have chosen to follow the path that their parents have helped set out for them.
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A day at the Supreme Court of Canada with Dad

Karenna Williams has only been in a courtroom with her father once. And that one time just happened to be at the Supreme Court of Canada.

READ | 'mihkokwaniy' by poet Joshua Whitehead

'I dedicate this poem to all missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit peoples; for their families, friends, loved ones, and kin. We are a collective trauma that demands to be examined, reconciled, resolved, and healed.'

Sober love: When your dating pool shrinks 'down to a puddle'

When Helen Knott got sober five years ago, her dating pool got a lot smaller.

Opening up about Indigenous intimacy

Conversations about love and sex among young Indigenous people are often held behind closed doors, at kitchen tables or on the powwow trail. We want to bring those conversations out into the open.
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Tenille Campbell's Indigenous, intimate #IndianLovePoems

From bannock bums to hickeys, to one-night-stands and dating white men, there are few things that are off limits in Tenille Campbell’s poetry.