Pitch your story for Season 3!

Have a story about a relationship you want to share? Here's what we're looking for and how to get in touch.
Share your story for season 3 of Love Me! (Jer Clarke)

Have a story about a relationship you want to share? Here's what we're looking for and how to get in touch.

What makes a story right for Love Me?

Love Me story can be funny, adventurous, dark, sad, touching... as long as it explores the realm of our personal, emotional lives. It should also have clear story beats ie, something has to objectively happen, amounting to some sort of subjective transformation or moment of realization, whether big or small.

We love personal stories about relationships of all kinds (not just romantic) and are looking to hear about experiences that will make our listeners laugh or cry, or even a bit of both. We are less interested in run-of-the-mill break-up stories or typical falling-in-love stories, so highlight the unusual or surprising details of your story. What makes it special? The more complex the story, the better, so the piece can unfold little by little and retain a listener's interest.

What are some good examples of a Love Me story?

Stories we've featured in the past: a woman finds herself in a competitive love triangle with her fiance and a bonobo, a sea fungus crawls inside a young woman's knee and she must learn to live with it, a widow comes to grieve her husband by dating her worst match, an ex-con talks about the characters who still haunt him from prison… These are just some examples.

What do we need from you?

Send us an email at loveme@cbc.ca or visit our contact page giving us specific details about the story. (This can be in point-form—as long as it communicates all the elements at play.) We are very open to hearing from first-time storytellers as well as freelance producers. If you are a producer, we generally prefer first-person narratives rather than reported pieces, but are open to all formats (even fiction!). We are less interested in straight-ahead journalism or "expert" voices talking about "an issue," and more interested in hyper-personal, intimate, innovative storytelling about a specific person's experience.