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Summer Schedule on Radio One

Tune in to Love Me on CBC Radio One every Thursday this summer!

Outside Looking In

A man falls in love with a mysterious woman... in a painting. And a note slipped into the back pocket of someone’s jeans leads to a surprising late-night encounter.

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We curated a few of our favourite episodes to get you started.


A woman goes to an ornamental shrimp society meet-up on a one-of-a-kind first date. Plus, the former president of Kiribati worries for his island nation’s future as sea waters rise.

What we loved listening to in 2018

In a season of 'Best of' lists, the Love Me team chimes in and shares some of the podcasts they enjoyed most this year.


A mini episode where Lu shares her feelings about the holidays... and the movie Groundhog Day. And a daughter navigates grieving in public.

The Cat and the Whippet

A man obsessed with meet-cutes falls for all the wrong men and winds up in one mind-boggling situation after another.

The Detonator

A woman tries to live her life while a stalker pursues her for over a decade; and a former Navy sailor is haunted by the memory of a woman he killed when he discovers a song has been written about her death.

Take Me Home

A woman with Alzheimer’s dreams of returning to her childhood home as she lies in bed, staring at the ceiling; two adult siblings find themselves sharing their old room again after years apart; and a daughter navigates the loss of her childhood house after her father’s death.


Telling You Stories

A safety-obsessed father tells his daughter bedtime stories about freak accidents from around the world. Plus, one grandson remembers the tall tales his grandfather used to tell him, while another grandson searches for the truth about a grandmother he never new.

What Can You Hear?

Hotline volunteers at the world’s oldest suicide prevention network share how they respond to crisis callers through the practice of active listening. How can you empty your mind and be fully present during someone's call for help?

In The Distance

Sara collects sounds of her son, her second child, during the first year of his life. Laughter, cries, shrieks of joy... Her first child never made much sound.

To My Heart

Mansoor Adayfi remembers the romance classes he and fellow prisoners held while at Guantanamo Bay detention camp. How do you imagine falling in love when you know you might never get the chance to?

I'm On Your Scent

A young woman tries to meet girls through the art of punning. Another woman becomes obsessed with reading her boyfriend's diary. And an artist charts the scents of her disintegrating relationship.

The Way We Were

A woman navigates the waters of a devastating betrayal. Plus, host Lu shares the story of an Icelandic sweat lodge experience that catches her off guard.


A family of four examines their sleep habits, vying for the spare bedroom. And a ‘90s teenager’s dreams come true when she visits the set of “Beverly Hills 90210” and meets her crush: Luke Perry.

The Island and The Sea

An ex-inmate is haunted by a man he knew in prison. And a pathway at the bottom of the sea reveals secrets of childhood.

Old Wounds

A murky relationship between a man, a woman... and the fungus that lives in the woman's knee. Plus, a recipe for heartbreak.

The Return

A man fields an unusual request from his father-in-law, and the story of a very special cherry tree.


A man reminisces about a transformative nocturnal encounter, and the story of a lifesaving friendship with an overweight, toothless Chihuahua.

The Other Side

Mo and Tamim find themselves in the Jungle for very different reasons. When their paths cross, they develop an unexpected connection.


I Solemnly Swear

In the season finale of Love Me, a little boy looks for love in all the wrong places, an introvert gets trapped in a room with 11 strangers and a nurse works a night shift that turns her world upside down.

Make Believe

A young woman reminisces about the friendship she once shared with the imaginative little boy she used to babysit. A dark cloud hangs over her memories as she recounts the incident that put an end to their fantasy world. Plus, a widow confronts her grief by dating her worst match.

Lost and Found

After losing his mom to breast cancer, a young man befriends a series of older women. And after a dark time in her life, Donna, 61, tracks down a suitor from her youth… who became a priest after she turned him down.

Family Portrait

Three sisters wrestle with the tensions of birth order as they reminisce about the worst family car ride of all time. A family tries to take one simple group photo but all hell breaks loose. And a son shields his father from a painful family secret.